Dr Carl Mooney

Senior Lecturer

College of Science and Engineering

place Tonsley (3.29)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Carl is a teaching specialist in the College of Science and Engineering. His interests and specialties include computer programming, database systems and software engineering.

These interests play into the delivery of topics not only at the university level, but also the community level. This is evidenced his involvement in the production of e-learning modules to aid in the transition to retirement for various groups around the country.


BSc Hons (Computer Science)

PhD - Flinders University

Key responsibilities

Course Coordinator for the suite of Bachelor of Information Technology degrees

Academic Integrity Officer for the College of Science and Engineering

Teaching interests

My teaching interests range from computer programming to software engineering, including database systems.

Topic coordinator
ENGR9791 Software Engineering 3 GE
ENGR3791 Software Engineering 3
COMP2741 Application Development
COMP8741 Application Development GE
COMP1711 Database Modelling and Knowledge Engineering
COMP8711 Database Modelling and Knowledge Engineering GE
COMP3782 Information Technology Project

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