Dr Christine Barry

Senior Lecturer

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Flinders Medical Centre (6E:123)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Christine Barry completed her PhD at the University of Adelaide in 2011, where she investigated the pathophysiology of subarachnoid haemorrhage, including brain inflammation and pressure changes that alter brain blood flow. Her PhD studies followed 20 years as a clinical physiotherapist including 10 years as a Titled Member of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia. Her current research is focussed on sensory nerves, especially those associated with muscles, fascia and the female reproductive tract. Her group's work aims to understand changes in the organisation and function of these nerves in response to inflammation and interactions between nerves and other cells that may contribute to increased or decreased pain sensitivity.

Christine develops and coordinates Anatomy topics in the Bachelor of Medical Science degree and Endocrine and Reproductive Systems in the Medical degree.

PhD (Medicine) University of Adelaide
Master of Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) University of South Australia
Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
Honours, awards and grants

2019 Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation Project Grant

2018 Vice President & Executive Dean's Award (Team): Teaching Excellence

2015 Flinders Medical Centre Foundation grant recipient

2012 Flinders Medical Centre Foundation grant recipient

2009 National Stroke Foundation grant recipient

Key responsibilities

Head of Musculoskeletal Neurobiology Laboratory

Topic coordinator
MMED3941 Human Musculoskeletal Anatomy
MMED3932 Body Systems
MMED9250 Medicine 2A
MMED9251 Medicine 2B (Deputy)
Topic lecturer
MMED3932 Body Systems
MMED3941 Human Musculoskeletal Anatomy
FNST0104 Flinders Foundation Studies Program
MMED9250 Medicine 2A
Supervisory interests
Chronic pain
Higher degree by research supervision
Associate supervisor: Neuroscience (2)

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