Mr Corey Markus

Scientific Manager

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Health Sciences

Corey is a senior research officer with the Flinders University International Centre for Point-of-Care Testing. He plays a key role as Program Lead of Operator Training, Education and Quality Assurance for the National Australian Hepatitis C Point-of-Care Testing Program. He has over 20 years’ experience in paediatric laboratory medicine as multi-disciplinary senior scientist. Additionally, he is lead scientist for the Bile Acid Comparison and Harmonisation (BACH) project, an international laboratory harmonization effort for total Bile acids measurements and sub-study of theTrial of URsodeoxycholic acid versus RIFampicin in severe early onset Intrahepatic Cholestasis of pregnancy (TURRIFIC) clinical trial. Corey is the past chair of the South Australian Quality Assurance Group, and currently, a member of International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) Working Group on Method Validation and Asia Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemists (APFCB) Harmonization of Paediatric Reference Intervals Working Group. In addition to his research activities undertaken as part of the National Hepatitis C Point-of-Care Testing Program in collaboration with the Kirby Institute, his research interests include analytical performance verification, reference interval derivation and harmonisation and quality assurance of non-standardised laboratory assays within multi-national clinical trials.