Mr Damian Kleiss

Development Engineer (Electronics)

College Services, Science and Engineering

place Tonsley (WS3.034)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
Damian has ten years experience in designing electronic equipment for industry, university teaching and research. He has in depth knowledge in power electronics and battery management systems.
Bachelor of Engineering Technology
Key responsibilities
Major design work using CAD tools for both electronic engineering and mechanical engineering solutions.
Delivery of projects for teaching and research in accordance with overall workshop priorities
Designing, developing, constructing and commissioning highly specialised electronic and mechanical systems and equipment from general specifications.
Designing and developing complex, specialised electronic equipment including embedded and computer controlled systems in collaboration with academic and research staff.
Providing high level advice to staff and students on the operation of the equipment and services in the use of the laboratory facilities.
Engaging in cross Faculty/University projects and with partner organisations and preparation of relevant recommendations and reports as required.
Liaising with outside organisations and contractors on complex technical matters and preparation of recommendations. Developing and maintaining communications with the School's suppliers in relation to evaluating and configuring complex technical solutions for project work involving advanced commercial equipment, software packages or specialised equipment.
Administrative functions associated with budgeting, purchasing, safety, calibration and maintenance of laboratory equipment and services.
Ensuring compliance in the workshop and the facilities with Occupational Health and Safety and developing risk assessment and standard testing and operating procedures for designed and purchased equipment.