Dr Duc Phuc Nguyen

Research Fellow

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Tonsley
Box 15, Mark Oliphant Building, Laffer Drive, BEDFORD PARK SA 5042

Dr Nguyen is an early career researcher, currently working as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health (FHMRI Sleep Health). Dr Nguyen completed a PhD in Acoustics, specializing in Machine Learning and signal processing, within a remarkably brief period of 2.5 years.

Dr Nguyen conducts innovative work and has recently developed a hybrid model that combines machine learning, analytical modelling, and data-driven techniques to model the human core body temperature to monitor human circadian timing. Dr Nguyen's current research focus is to apply mathematical and data-driven approaches to enhance the understanding of the respiratory system, specifically in quantifying breathing effort. Notably, Dr Nguyen's team of students have prototyped a low-cost under-mattress system that provides highly accurate assessments of sleep disorders, movement and vital signs. Dr Nguyen has an impressive publication record relative to opportunity, including 16 peer-reviewed papers, five peer-reviewed full-length conference papers. These achievements are indicative of outstanding skills, competence, and contributions to the fields of machine learning and signal processing in acoustics and respiratory and sleep medicine.

Supervisory interests
Machine learning
Time series modelling