Eileen Harris

Associate Lecturer

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Perth Home Office
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

A registered nurse since 2002, Eileen has extensive palliative care clinical experience with expertise in complex symptom management and the terminal phase of care. Eileen has worked across metropolitan and regional Western Australia and in the United Kingdom in hospices and specialist palliative care inpatient units. Key clinical roles have centered around the provision of additional support and education to local community palliative care services to enable individuals and families to experience more positive transitions between home and hospital settings.

With a belief that palliative care education is the cornerstone of excellent end-of-life care, her career has focussed on education that supports an increased understanding of the benefits of palliative care and how the accurate assessment and management of symptoms are vital for the delivery of quality care across the spectrum of healthcare settings.

Eileen's key areas of interest include the seeming disconnect between societal avoidance around discussions of death and dying and the over-medicalisation of death. This is coupled with the opposing question of how can we best implement ground-level effective educational strategies that better support our current clinicians to manage the increasing number of people and the complexity of populations requiring palliative care in Australia. Do you see the conundrum?

  • Master of Palliative Care, Flinders University, South Australia, 2016
  • PG Certificate in Health Professions Education, University of Western Australia, 2015
  • PG Certificate of Health (Pall Care), Flinders University, South Australia, 2008
  • Diploma of Midwifery, Curtin Unversity of Technology, Western Australia, 2005
  • Bachelor of Science, Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia, 2002
Key responsibilities

Primary focus on student-centered teaching and teaching-related duties include:

  • Student consultation and support
  • Development of topic and course materials with guidance from the course coordinator and senior academics
  • Use of innovative technology to improve asynchronous online learning environments
  • Topic coordination
  • Contructive alignment of assessments reflective of current palliative and end of life care clinical challenges
  • Support of casual academics new to teaching and assessment
Teaching interests

Eileen has a keen interest in ensuring students have a positive learning experience and feel supported and connected to their teachers and others who share a passion to improve palliative care. Applying a transformative pedagogical approach to her teaching, Eileen aims to inspire critical thinking and diagnostic reasoning skills which can be applied directly to students' clinical practice as they learn. Eileen is fouccsed on ensuring assessments are relatable to current palliative and end of life care clinical challenges seen across healthcare settings.

Topic coordinator
PALL8437 Palliative Clinical Management A
PALL8438 Palliative Clinical Management B
PALL9001 End of Life Care in Acute Care Settings
Topic lecturer
PALL8437 Palliative Clinical Management A
PALL8438 Palliative Clinical Management B
PALL9001 End of Life Care in the Acute Care Setting