Dr Emma Tonkin

Research Fellow

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Health Sciences (2.49)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Since completion of her PhD at Flinders University in the area of food policy, Emma has developed a diverse set of qualitative and quantitative research skills through working in numerous research areas across Australia. Her PhD research spanned the topics of food labelling regulation, the sociology of trust and food systems, and utilized critical theoretical approaches such as Colebatch’s social constructionism and Bacchi’s policy analysis method.

Reflecting her undergraduate training in nutrition and dietetics, she recently worked in nutrition assessment and improvement in remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory as a Senior Research Associate with Menzies School of Health Research and now Monash University. She has also worked for Flinders University to run a democratic deliberation study around consumer trust in food systems, assist in the analysis and reporting of a qualitative four-nation international comparison study and consulted on several systematic reviews of literature.

Her current position at Flinders returns her focus to consumer trust in food, while she continues her work in Indigenous child nutrition through Monash University.


Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health) 2016

Bachelor Nutrition and Dietetics (First class honours) 2012

Honours, awards and grants

2019 Caring Futures Institute Best Systematic Review award

2019 Vice Chancellor's Award for Early Career Researchers

2016 CDU Vice Chancellor’s award for exceptional research (Menzies Nutrition Team)

2016 Research Higher Degree Student Publication Award

2016 The School of Health Sciences Dean’s Award Flinders University

2013-2016 Australian Postgraduate Award

2014 Research Higher Degree Student Publication Award

2012 Flinders University Medal (Faculty of Health Sciences)

2012 Dietitians Association of Australia State wide Student award for best overall performance in Nutrition and Dietetics programs in South Australia

2012 Dietitians Association of Australia Prize in Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) for best overall performance at Flinders University

2012 BUPA Health and Wellness Scholarship for the highest academic achievement in the BND 3 and MND 1 for 2011 at Flinders University

Teaching interests

Sessional tutor HLTH3105: Quantitative Research for the Social Health Sciences (2014-15)

Running introduction to statistics using SPSS workshops for undergraduate students (2014-15)

Assisted in preparing and facilitating tutorials for the topic PHCA8501: Social Determinants of Health and Wellbeing (2014-15)

Expert for media contact
consumer trust in food
food labelling
food regulation
food scares/scandals
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+61 8 82012092
0427 398 713
Media expertise
  • Agriculture
  • Diet
  • consumer trust in food
  • food labelling
  • food regulation
  • food scares/scandals