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Over the past 20 years, Gerry’s research has focused on marginalisation as experienced by young people in Australia and other countries – at school, with their peers, and in the community. He’s particularly interested in amplifying young people’s voices through his research and supporting them to talk about their lived experience. We hear very little from young people themselves about how their experiences impact the opportunities available to them, and what they do to protect themselves and their families from the effects of poverty and marginalisation.

Gerry’s research does not offer ‘easy fixes’ to these problems of marginalisation. There are no simple remedial interventions. The purpose of his research is to focus the attention of people with power - advocates, policymakers and practitioners in health, education, community services and local government - on what young people themselves see as the challenges in their lives, and supports that can help them overcome these challenges.

Gerry is a sociologist and social policy analyst. Before coming to Flinders in 2012, he worked at the University of Cambridge (UK), UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre (Italy) and the University of NSW. He has won over $5 million in funding, and has been Chief Investigator on five Australian Research Council (ARC) grants, most recently the Wellbeing in Adolescence project. He has authored 50 journal articles, and has a Google Scholar H-index of 26. He has advised the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare on child, youth, gender and family statistics. He is currently a member of the ARC College of Experts (2020-2022). Most importantly, he advocates for amplifying the voices of young people who are the least heard but who have the most to gain from policymakers and others in power hearing them.

PhD, Social Policy, University of NSW, Australia.
MSc, European Social Policy Analysis, University of Bath, UK.
Grad. Dip. (Computing), Athlone Regional Technical College, Ireland.
B.Soc. Sc., University College, Dublin, Ireland.
Honours, awards and grants

Current and Recent Grants

Australian Government Department of Health Child and Youth Health grant 'Supporting the mental health of young people with autism: responding to their perspectives on ‘what works’ to prevent bullying' 2020-2023 (Prof Gerry Redmond, Prof Sally Robinson, Prof Phillip Slee) (A$117,113)

Australian Research Council Discovery Project 'Social exclusion in adolescence: risks, assets, experiences & policy action' 2019-2022 (A/Prof Gerry Redmond, Prof Fiona Brooks, Prof Colin MacDougall, A/Prof Pammi Raghavendra, Dr Jennifer Skattebol). (A$437,088)

Australian Research Council Discovery Project 'Changing children’s chances: Exploring pathways to developmental inequities' 2016-2018 (Prof Sharon Goldfeld, Prof Frank Oberklaid, A/Prof Gerry Redmond, et al.). (A$580,000)

UNICEF Malaysia (contract research) 'Child Disparities and Deprivation in Malaysia' 2015-2016 (A/Prof Gerry Redmond, A/Prof Noore Siddiquee and Dr Rodrigo Praino) (a$118,196)

Australian Research Council and industry partners (Linkage scheme) 'Are the kids alright? Understanding the wellbeing of Australian children in their middle years' 2012-2015 (with Dr J Skattebol and Prof P Saunders, University of NSW) (A$1.4 million)

National Council for Vocational Education Research (National VET Research and Evaluation Scheme) 'Intergenerational mobility: New evidence from LSAY and HILDA data' 2011-12 (with Dr M Wong, Dr B Bradbury and Prof I Katz, University of NSW ) (A$97,400)

Australian Research Council and industry partners (Linkage scheme) 'Supporting families: Horizontal and vertical equity in the Australian tax-benefit system in historical and comparative perspectives' 2010-2013 (with Prof P Whiteford, University of NSW) ($428,000)

External positions
Adjunct Associate Professor, Social Policy Research Centre, University of NSW ( )
Member, Data Expert Reference Group for Longitudinal Study of Australian Children ( )
Member, Australian Bureau of Statistics Family Statistics Advisory Group
Member, National Child and Youth Indicators Advisory Groups, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Discovery and Linkage Projects Grants Assessor, Australian Research Council

Key responsibilities

Professor, Public Policy, College of Business Government & Law

Topic coordinator
POAD8007 Policy Analysis
POLI2025 Politics of the Australian Welfare State
Supervisory interests
Analysis of survey data
Child development
Poverty and inequality
Public policy
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Public policy (2)
Associate supervisor: Public policy (1), Marketing (1)
Higher degree by research student achievements
Raden Mas Suryo Guritno

PhD - JUL 2018

Andreas Cebulla

PhD - FEB 2016

N S Malik

MA - JUN 2017

Jennifer Fane

PhD (June 2020) -

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income tax and social security
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