Dr Gillian Kette

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Education

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Bedford Park
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Gillian joined Flinders University in 2000 as a problem-based learning tutor/trainer in the graduate-entry medical program. Since then, her interest in how we learn, and in particular active learning pedagogies, led her to undertake a doctorate investigating students’ control of their informal learning needs using smart IT during formal active learning sessions.

Currently, she teaches in the Prideaux Discipline of Clinical Education and is a topic coordinator/ lecturer in several online topics, including supervision of Master of Clinical Education by Course work students' research projects. Learning coach in the GEMD.

Worked to develop the Flinders University Academy diploma programmes for international students and assisted in designing international foundation studies, and in facilitating the equity of access to higher education for interested students in local industries eg Diploma in Sports Management at Port Adelaide Academy powered by Flinders University.

Her research interests include how students learn in the ubiquitous ICT environment and the changing role of educators to scaffold and support students learning.


PhD (Medical Education) – Flinders University;

BSc; BSc (Hons – Clinical Immunology) – Flinders University;

Registered General Nurse (RN)- Repatriation General Hospital.

Honours, awards and grants

Academic Award – Bachelor of Science.

Commendation for Academic Excellence – Bachelor of Science. Chancellor Flinders University Teaching

Award 2012 for GEMP PBL first year, Flinders University.

Key responsibilities
  • Teaching and research - Prideaux Discipline in Clinical Education
  • Topic coordinator and lecturer in Clinical Education
  • Diploma development in CILT for Flinders University Academy
  • Faculty development in qualitative research in SoTL
  • Learning coach for GEMD
Teaching interests
  • health profession education;
  • information communication technology affordances;
  • active learning;
  • scholarship of teaching and learning;
  • clinical education and learning theories.translation
  • Learning Coach in GEMD
Topic coordinator
HLED9101 Foundations of LEarning and Teaching in Health and Clinical Education
HLED9113A Research Project in Clinical Education
Topic lecturer
HLED9113B Research Project in Clnical Education