Dr Gobert Lee

Lecturer in Statistical Science

College of Science and Engineering

place Tonsley (4.10)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

PhD, Flinders University

MSc, RMIT University

Honours, awards and grants
  • Australian Mathematical Society, WIMSIG Cheryl E Praeger Award, 2017
  • FSE Reinventing Teaching and Learning grant, 2016
  • Channel 7 Children's Research Foundation grant, 2012-2014
  • Lyn Wrigley Breast Cancer Research & Development Fund, Breast Cancer Research Grant, 2011
  • Lyn Wrigley Breast Cancer Research & Development Fund, Breast Cancer Research Grant, 2010
  • Lyn Wrigley Breast Cancer Research & Development Fund, Breast Cancer Research Grant, 2009
  • Certificate of Merit Award, Education Exhibit Category, 95th RSNA (Radiologic Society of North America) meeting, 2009
  • Excellence in Design Award, Education Exhibit Category, 92nd RSNA meeting, 2006
  • JSPS (Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences) Post-doctoral Fellowship, 2005-2007
  • The Doreen McCarthy, Barbara Crase, Cathy Candler and Brenda Nettle Scholarships 2000
Research expertise
Artificial intelligence and image processing
Research interests

My primary research areas are Computer-Aided-Diagnosis (CAD), Medical Image Analysis, Statistical Pattern Recognition and statistical issues related to radiologic studies. More specifically, my research focuses on CAD on breast cancer detection in screening mammograms, whole-body CT segmentation, computational human anatomy, and construction of human voxel models for radiation dose calculation.

Teaching interests

I have previously taught/co-taught

  • MDSC2000 Skills for Medical Scientists 2
  • STAT2702 Probability
  • STAT2700 Applied Statistics Laboratory
  • STAT1412 Data Analysis Laboratory
  • STAT1412 Data Analysis Laboratory (offshore)
Topic coordinator
STAT1132 Statistics 1
STAT2701 Statistical Project
STAT3701 Statistical Science
COMP7702 Pattern Recognition
Topic lecturer
STAT1132 Statistics 1
STAT3701 Statistical Science
STAT2701 Statistical Project
Supervisory interests
Medical image analysis
Further information

Prospective PHD students: email gobert.lee@flinders.edu.au

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Current Projects in Medical Image Analysis/Statistical Pattern Recognition

1.Full-Body CT Segmentation (png)

2.Temporal Breast Cancer Detection (png)

3.Breast Cancer Detection on Dense Breast (png)

4.Medical Image Segmentation Using Bayesian Methods (png)

5.Smart Fluorescence Spectrophotometry for Medical Tests (png)

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