Dr Gujie Qian

Senior Research Fellow in Chemical Mineralogy

College of Science and Engineering

place Physical Sciences (2005)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Dr Qian earned his PhD in minerals and materials engineering from the University of South Australia in December 2011. During his PhD project, he investigated the kinetics and mechanisms of the formation of pyrite (FeS2) by replacing iron oxides under hydrothermal conditions. Since completion of PhD, Dr Qian's primary research has been focused on the leaching of sulfides, acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD) remediation and 'Cu enrichment' reactions. His other research interests and activities include computational simulation of mineral bulk and surface structures, synchrotron analysis (SPEM, EXAFS, XANES, XFM, micro-XRD, etc.), sustainable control of toxic ions such as Se and As in water resources. Dr Qian's research goal is to apply his fundamental knowledge and skills to help industry solve complex problems like AMD.


Doctor of Philosophy, University of South Australia, 2008-2011

Master of Engineering, East China University of Science & Technology, 2005-2008

Bachelor of Engineering, Tongji University, 2001-2005

Honours, awards and grants

Ian Wark Research Institute Medal for outstanding PhD thesis (2011)

Chinese government award for outstanding PhD students abroad (2010)

East China University of Science and Technology award for outstanding master’s thesis (2008)

ECUST University award for outstanding graduates (2008)

ECUST University award for postgraduate students for excellence in research (2007)

Dow Chemical (industry) award for outstanding research students (ECUST, 2007)

Degussa (industry) award for outstanding postgraduate research students (ECUST, 2006)

ENEA Casaccia Research Centre (Rome, Italy) scholarship for visiting researcher (2006)

ECUST award for outstanding postgraduate students (2006)

Tongji University award for outstanding graduates (2005)

Key responsibilities

Area Radiation Safety Officer (Physical and Earth Sciences)

Teaching interests

Environmental Chemistry; Mineralogy; Geochemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Materials Analysis

Supervisory interests
Earth sciences
Environmental chemistry
Surface science
Higher degree by research supervision
Associate supervisor: geochemistry, environmental science (1)
Principal supervisor: geochemistry, environmental earth science (1)
Associate supervisor: hydrometallurgy, geochemistry (1), earth science, geochemistry, hydrometallurgy (1)