Mr James McEvoy

Academic Status

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Bedford Park
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Dr James McEvoy-May is a Research Associate in respiratory physiology and radiation biology within the Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute at Flinders University. After completing Honours in cancer biology, Dr McEvoy-May completed a Cotutelle PhD where he completed his research across two universities, Flinders University, AUS and McMaster University, CAN. During his PhD, Dr McEvoy-May conducted clinical audits of ionizing radiation levels during hospital admission to gain knowledge of the current prescription levels by doctors. He then investigated the long-term effects from prenatal radiation exposures, focusing on respiratory physiology and immunology though in vivo models, solidifying a detailed understanding of translational physiology from medically relatable radiation exposures.

Dr McEvoy-May continues his interest in the respiratory system and radiation biology investigating the immunomodulation properties of ionizing radiation during respiratory inflammation. Using both X-ray and radon decay radiation sources, Dr McEvoy-May aims at detailing the mechanisms of the anti-inflammatory properties of low dose ionizing radiation with hope to translate this methodology clinically into resolving inflammatory disease duration and severity.

Along with research, Dr McEvoy-May is excited by the education of students and further strive for knowledge and learning. Over recent years, he has participated in the development and delivery of several topics across CMPH and CSE at Flinders University, in a variety of positions. Dr McEvoy-May is also the Education Coordinator for the newly formed Centre for Radiation Research, Education and Innovation at Adelaide University where he is currently assembling graduate level resources to further the education of radiation professionals and soon build up the radiation and nuclear science professionals of the future.

  •      2020 Cotutelle PhD – Flinders University, AUS and McMaster University

  •      2014 Bachelor of Science (Hons) first class – Flinders University, AUS

  •      2013 Bachelor of Medical Science – Flinders University, AUS
Honours, awards and grants
  •    2021 – Flinders University’s Vice Chancellors’ Award for Doctoral Thesis Excellence
  •    2020 – Flinders University’s College of Medicine and Public Health PhD Award
  •    2018 – CMPH HDR Student Publication Award
  •    2016/20 – $10,066 in Conference and Student Travel Grants
  •    2016 – Australian Postgraduate Award (RTS scholarship)
  •    2014 – Slater & Gordan Research Award
Key responsibilities

Research – Research Associate for the Lung Lab in FHMRI:

  •      maintaining lab, carrying out experimentation, supervising students

Teaching – Casual academic for variety of topics at Flinders University:

  •      Lab demonstrating, temporal and sessional tutorial leader, academic marking

Education – Education Coordinator at CRREI Adelaide University:

  •      Generating coursework, developing delivery methods, managing topics
Teaching interests

Dr McEvoy-May has held causal academic positions at Flinders University since 2016 in a variety of topics from CMPH and CSE areas.

  • MMED2935 - Human Immunology and Infectious Diseases: Workshop tutor (current)
  • MMED3939 - Medical Virology: Workshop tutor and marker (current)
  • STAT1122 - Biostatistics: Lab demonstrator (current)
  • STEM1001 - Nature of Science: Tutorial Leader (current)