Dr Jane Bickford

Senior Lecturer

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Flinders Medical Centre Building (7E:544)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Jane is a passionate educator, early career researcher and certified practising speech pathologist. She teaches in the Bachelor and Master of Speech Pathology programs and is currently the Academic Lead for the Speech Pathology Teaching Section. Jane has worked in a range of clinical and community settings, with diverse populations in both Australia and the UK. Her academic and research interests include multidisciplinary team effectiveness, voice and voice disorders, the effects of detrimental change to communicative competence to self-identity and social participation, therapeutic communication skill development, 'consumer voice' in complex health care delivery and research, functional outcomes after head and neck cancer, impacts of social determinants of health on communication outcomes and the experience of transition (in education and healthcare). She is also a clinical educator and has run the voice screening clinic and routinely leads voice care training workshops. Jane has expertise in qualitative methodology but also supports mixed methods projects.

Jane has also worked as Course Coordinator for the Master of Speech Pathology and Director of First Year Studies for the School of Health Sciences, eLearning Theme Leader for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Jane's clinical experience inspired her to pursue her PhD. Her project focused on the experience of living with and supporting individuals with total laryngectomy. She received the Vice Chancellor's Award for Doctoral Thesis Excellence. Jane has supervised a number of research projects, including examining effective treatments for head and neck lympheodema; national survey of communicative competence after laryngectomy; preventing occupational voice problems experienced by university sector frontline service providers, the knowledge and utility of the ICF-Framework by practising speech pathologists and speech pathology students in Australia.



BAppSc (Speech Pathology)

Foundation Cert (Psychotherapy and Counselling)

Honours, awards and grants


Vice Chancellor's Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence - 2016

Vice President Executive Dean's Education Award - 2017


Associate investigator. Chief Investigator - Prof. Sally Robinson. CNHS - COVID 19 Project grant ($49935)

Alone Toegther Project - Countering COVID-19 exclusion through community building

Lead for Establishing Transition Pedagogy Principles in First Year Curricula (ETPPFYC) project grant ($4000.00):

Supporting transition and learning using a “study team” approach with first year Bachelor of Speech Pathology students via different modes of delivery.

Faculty Establishment Grant ($7966.00)

Establishing an early career research agenda in effective and translatable treatments in head and neck cancer rehabilitation and for occupation induced voice problems.

Key responsibilities

Academic Lead

Topic Coordinator

Specialist Teacher

Teaching interests
  • Voice and voice disorders
  • Communication and swallowing disorders related to head and neck cancer
  • Therapeutic communication skill development
  • Voice care and knowledge in teachers
  • Mental Health and speech pathology practice
  • Social Determinants of Health and speech pathology practice
  • First Year Experience
Topic coordinator
SPTH2906 Professional Studies and Communication Sciences 2B (Voice and Swallowing)
SPTH9123 Professional Studies and Communication Sciences 2
SPTH7000B Honours Thesis B
Topic lecturer
SPTH3908 Professional Studies and Communication Sciences 4: Complex Disorders Adult
SPTH9127 Professional Studies and Communication Sciences 4
SPTH9121 Professional Studies and Communication Sciences 1
SPTH3906 Clinical Skills and Practice 4: Complex Disorders Adult
SPTH3905 Clinical Skills and Practice 3: Complex Disorders Paediatric
SPTH9120 Introduction to Research Methods
SPTH9122 Speech Pathology Skills and Practice 1
SPTH9124 Speech Pathology Skills and Practice 2
SPTH9125 Professional Studies and Communication Sciences 3
SPTH2908 Clinical Skills and Practice 2B (Voice and Swallowing)
Further information

In collaboration with students and colleagues across the three schools in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Jane developed several videos for first year bachelor students about the first year experience.

First Year Experience


Thriving and Surviving


Study Life Balance


Online at Uni


Peer Mentoring