Mr Jarrad Benson

Manager, Prospective Student Team

Marketing and Student Recruitment

place Professional Services
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Jarrad has over 15 years experience in the education sector both in Adelaide and internationally. From a foundation in teaching, Jarrad transitioned from curriculum development, then into Human Resource Management and Business Development. Jarrad was the Director of an outsourcing company based in Tokyo that supplied teaching staff throughout Japan. Since returning to Australia in 2009 Jarrad worked in schools initially before taking up a role at Flinders as a Prospective Student Advisor. Since 2012, Jarrad has led the Prospective Student Team and was an active committee member of the National Association of Prospective Student Advisors (NAPSA) for 10 years. Current activities include conversion, reengagement, prospect management and building relationships with key schools to ensure students are aware of their pathway options as well as tailored school based admission pathways.


Bachelor of Education (UPLS) - Flinders University

Honours, awards and grants
Japanese Proficiency Test Level 2 Accreditation
Previous winner of Ministry of Education, Science and Culture Monbusho Japanese government scholarship
Key responsibilities
  • Ensure the provision of quality services to prospective students, educational providers, external organisations, and other clients.
  • Provide assistance and advice to prospective students including the management of enquiries.
  • Provide leadership and management, goals and priorities to the Prospective Students Team.
  • Manage the daily operational activities of the Prospective Students Team.
  • Engage with key stakeholders to develop strategic intitiatives and outcomes.