Mr Javier Diaz-Martinez


College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

place Social Sciences North (3111)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Javier is involved in the development, teaching, and administration of SPAN, LANG and LING topics with the Discipline of Languages, Linguistics, TESOL and Communication. He is also part of different working groups including CHASS Student Success WG and formerly part of the CHASS Digital Education WG.

Javier has been actively involved in the training and support of language teachers in SA for a long time, and collaborates regularly with teaching professional associations (STASA, MLTASA) and education organisations (SACE Board of SA, Education Office of the Spanish Embassy in Australia), as well as with a number of multicultural community groups.

As a Teaching Specialist, his work focuses on language teaching and learning, including the use of digital technologies; the embedding of wellbeing-promoting practices into the curriculum; and WIL experiences for language students.


Master in Applied Linguistics, University of Adelaide, Australia

Master in Film Script Writing, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain

Graduate Certificate in ELE (Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language), International House, Spain

Licentiate in Philosophy and Education, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Honours, awards and grants

2016 Flinders Teaching and Learning Innovation Grant (with Associate Professor Eric Bouvet, Dr Daniela Rose, Dr Maria Palaktsoglou, Ms Lynn Vanzo and Dr Rosslyn von der Borch) – for enhancing language students’ WIL learning experience in the community through the development of a framework for language placements.

Key responsibilities

Discipline Lead, Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Coordinator, Masters of Language Studies

President, Spanish Teachers' Association of SA

Teaching interests
Language Teaching Methodology. Language Learning and Assessment. Second Language Acquisition and Curriculum Design. Spanish and Latin American Art and Literature.
Topic coordinator
SPAN2212 An Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Cultures and Literature
SPAN2211 Keys to the Spanish and Latin American Worlds
SPAN1201 Introductory Spanish Part 1
SPAN1202 Introductory Spanish Part 2
Topic lecturer
SPAN2202 Intermediate Spanish Part 2
SPAN2201 Intermediate Spanish Part 1
LING1002 World Languages
LING1501 How Language Works