Dr Jayne Barbour


College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Sturt North (Sturt N320)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

I have 8 years experience teaching a range of nutrition topics including nutritional physiology, sports nutrition, food sytems, food products, clinical dietetics and quatitative research methods.

I have 20 years clinical dietetic experience and currently work in private practice with a focus on weight management (non-diet approach), chronic conditions, gastrointestinal and sports nutrition

My PhD focused on the benefits of nuts for metabolic, cardio and cerebro-vascular health


BSc Hons. Biochemistry

Grad Dipl. Dietetics

PhD. Nutritional Physiology

Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Accredited Sports Dietitian

SA Committe Member of Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA)

Key responsibilities

Lecturer Nutrition and Dietetics

Student Experince Coordinator

Teaching interests

Nutritional Physiology

Sports Nutrition

Food Systems

Clinical Nutrition

Topic coordinator
NUTD3018 Health coaching and behaviour change
NUTD3203 Nutrition for Sports Performance
NUTD3017 Public communications in nutrition
Topic lecturer
NUTD3102 Nutrients Role and Function
NUTD3203 Nutrition for Sports Performance
NUTD9111 Nutrients Role and function