Professor Joanne Arciuli


College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Sturt North (N221)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

I studied at Macquarie University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at University College London. I spent 12 years at The University of Sydney and, during that time, was promoted from lecturer through to full professor. In 2020, I moved to Flinders University to take up the role of Dean of Research in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. My interdisciplinary research program on child development and disability has been funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) since 2007 and I enjoy collaborating with a diverse group of colleagues and organisations from around Australia as well as the UK, Norway, Singapore, US, Italy, Israel, The Netherlands, and China. I have served on several national and international Boards (Luke Priddis Foundation, Society for Scientific Studies of Reading, and the Association for Reading and Writing in Asia). I have served as an Associate Editor on two journals and on the Editorial Boards of an additional 3 journals. I co-edited a book on Communication in Autism and have published over 100 peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, Developmental Science, Current Directions in Psychological Science, Developmental Psychology, Cognition, Autism, Child Development, Journal of Educational Psychology, Hearing Research, Exceptional Children, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Research in Developmental Disabilities, Language Speech and Hearing Services in Schools, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition.


Ph.D., 2004, Macquarie University

B.A. (1st class Hons), 1998, Macquarie University

Honours, awards and grants


2019 SOAR Fellow

2018 IAS Durham Fellow (UK)

2018 Visiting scholar sponsored by Taiwanese government

2014 ARC Future Fellow

2017 SUPRA Supervisor of the Year Award

2017 Visiting scholar sponsored by Pennsylvania State University (US)

2013 Visiting scholar sponsored by University of Padova (Italy)

Category 1 Grants

Redmond, Robinson, Arciuli & Emerson (2023-2025). Young people and disability and young carers: Opportunities and contributions. Discovery Project grant. ARC.

Arciuli, Bailey & Murphy (2023-2024). High quality online literacy instruction for South Australian children with Down Syndrome. Channel 7 Children's Research Foundation.

Anstice...Arciuli (2023-2024). Providing school based eyecare to improve learning and promote equitable outcomes in South Australia. Channel 7 Children's Research Foundation.

deZubicaray, McMahon, Arciuli & Guenther. (2022-2024). A more sound approach to the neurobiology of language. Discovery Project grant. ARC.

Arciuli, Parrila & Savage (2020-2023). Literacy instruction for children with autism. Linkage grant. ARC.

Ahmed…Arciuli…et al. (2019-2020). AusKidTalk: An Australian Children's Speech Corpus. LIEF grant. ARC.

Kidd, Arciuli & Smithson (2016-2018). Discovering sources of individual differences in first language acquisition. Discovery Project grant. ARC.

Arciuli (March 2014 - March 2018). Research Fellow. Illuminating the language-specific and physiological motor-control influences on children’s production of lexical stress. Mid-career Future Fellowship scheme. ARC.

Arciuli, Ballard & Vogel (2013-2017). Discovering the developmental trajectory of lexical stress production. Discovery Project grant. ARC.

Sanders, Tonge & Einfeld. (2012-2017). Arciuli serving as an Associate Investigator. Mental Health of Young People with Developmental Disabilities. Program Grant. NHMRC.

Burhnam…Arciuli…et al. (2010-2012). The Big Australian Speech Corpus: An audio-visual speech corpus of Australian English. LIEF grant. ARC.

Arciuli & Monaghan (2007-2009). A cross-linguistic investigation of assignment of lexical stress during reading aloud. ARC (Aus) and the ESRC (UK) – ICI Scheme for bilateral funding.

Carrol, Hibbert, Bossomaier, Arciuli, Tulip & Cameron (2007-2009). Crisis management simulation... Linkage grant. ARC.

Key responsibilities

Dean (Research), College of Nursing and Health Sciences, 2020-2023. Theme Lead, Methodological Innovations, Caring Futures Institute, 2020-2023. Currently leading the Communication, Cognition, and Wellbeing research group in the Caring Futures Institute.

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