Professor John Roddick

Chair of Information Technology

College of Science and Engineering

Research expertise

John Roddick's research is diverse but largely focusses on temporal data mining as applied to health, traffic and defence-related datasets.

Research expertise

John Roddick's research is diverse but largely focusses on temporal data mining as applied to health, traffic and defence-related datasets.

place Tonsley
1284 South Road, Clovelly Park SA 5042

Professor John Roddick joined Flinders in April 2000 after 15 years at the Universities of Tasmania and South Australia. This followed 10 years experience in the computing industry. He was Dean of the School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics between January 2008 until July 2017. He is currently the Chair of the University's Academic Senate and Head of Engineering. He is a Fellow of both Engineers Australia and the Australian Computing Society.

PhD, La Trobe
MSc, Deakin University
BSc(Eng)(Hons), Imperial College, London
Honours, awards and grants

Professor Roddick is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers, Australia (FIEAust) and a Fellow of the Australian Computing Society (FACS).

Selected Grants since 2002

  1. Filar, J.A., Gaitsgory, V., Ejov, V.V. and Roddick, J.F., Perturbations in Complex Systems and Games. ARC Discovery $379,700. 2014/16
  2. Meyrick, J.J., Roddick, J.F., et al. AusStage Phase 5. ARC LIEF LE140100024. $325,000 (ARC). 2014.
  3. Roddick, J.F. Techniques for active conceptual modelling and guided data mining for rapid knowledge discovery. ARC Linkage. $223,000 (ARC and rL-Solutions). 2011/13.
  4. Bull, M.J., Roddick, J.F. and Sih, A. Behavioural syndromes and social networks in sleepy lizards. ARC Discovery. $375,000. 2010/12.
  5. Roddick, J.F., Ceglar, A. and de Vries, D. Detection of Anomalies in Transaction Sequences (DATS) Project, DSTO. $269,000. 2005-8.
  6. Roddick, J.F. and Calder P.R. Managing and Mining Evolving Ontologies through combining Patterns Languages and Data Mining, ARC Linkage with RACS and ACS. $196,500 (ARC and Partners). 2006-2008.
  7. McIntyre, J, Roche, A., Roddick, J.F. Morgan, DL and Metcalfe, M. Addressing Indigenous complex health, housing and social inclusion issues through critical systems approaches to build workforce capacity, ARC Linkage Grant, $96,444 (ARC and Partners), 2005-2007.
  8. Clarke, S.R., Matisons, J., Downing, A. and Roddick, J.F.. $103,168 (ARC and Partners), 2004-2006.
  9. Roddick, J.F., Data Mining for Defence Information Analysis, LongARM Project, DSTO, $30,000 2004.
  10. Roddick, J.F., with Power-Solutions Inc. Power Knowledge Builder Project, START Grant, $1,100,000, 2004-2006.
  11. Holledge, J.F., Roddick, J.F., Hartog, J, et al. AusStage: Australian Performing Arts Gateway, Phase Two - Enhancement and Information Retrieval. ARC LIEF Grant, $280,000 2003.
  12. Roddick, J.F. et al, Analysis of Pathology Ordering by GPs, $122,000 (DHAC), 2002.
  13. Roddick, J.F. Employing Summarisation and Induction Techniques to Improve User Responsiveness in Database Applications. ARC SPIRT Grant with HP Labs, $101,846 (ARC and Compaq), 2001-2003.
Key responsibilities

He is currently Chair of Academic Senate, the SACITT Chair in Computer Science and Head of Engineering at Flinders University.

Research expertise
Artificial intelligence and image processing
Information systems
Research interests

Prof. Roddick's research specialises in the fields of:

  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery - specifically in temporal and spatial data mining and as applied to medical and health data, and to defence and security;
  • Conceptual Modelling - the development of conceptual models for complex systems and the manner in which these models can be used to build data-oriented solutions to difficult problems.

Since the late 1980s Professor Roddick has contributed to the area of conceptual modelling and intelligent databases including the development of techniques for data summarization, spatio-temporal databases, query languages, evolution and change in data and metadata management, information semantics and, data mining and knowledge discovery. His papers in these areas have received around 7,000 citations (per Google Scholar) with 15 with over 100 citations. He has an h-index of 37.

His work has resulted in contributions to the design and development of database architectures, query languages and systems that enable the semantics inherent in data to be more readily understood and manipulated, thus enabling systems to adapt. Part of his work in temporal query languages, for example, contributed to the TSQL2 temporal language proposal. His research agenda has a particular focus on complex and large volumes of data, commonly using medical data as the application domain.

Professor Roddick has published widely, including a number of well-cited surveys. He maintains active collaborative links with a number of researchers internationally, and has undertaken commercial research contracts with a number of organisations in his area of expertise including the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), the Royal Australasian College of Surgery, EDS Australia, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the SA Government, rL Solutions and PowerHealth Solutions.

He is a member of the ARC College of Experts. His ORCID ID is 0000-0001-7024-0796.

Topic coordinator
COMP7707 Advanced Data Mining
Supervisory interests
Data mining and knowledge discovery
Data semantics
Database modelling
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Computer Science (1)
Associate supervisor: Computer Science (1)
Principal supervisor: Computer Science (8), Computer Science (UniSA) (4)
Associate supervisor: Computer Science (4)
Expert for media contact
Engineering - Computer Systems
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
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+61 8 82012092
0427 398 713
Media expertise
  • Engineering - Computer Systems
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

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