Jordana Bakolias

Casual Professional

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Bedford Park (3.31)

Bachelor of Medical Science (Minor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

Honours, awards and grants

Chancellors Letter of Commendation 2015

Bachelor of Medical Science Year 1 Student Prize

Chancellors Letter of Commendation 2022

Bachelor of Medical Science Prize for Academic Excellence 

Key responsibilities

Research Assistant for the COVID-19 POCT Program within the Flinders University International Centre for Point-of-Care Testing.

College of Medicine & Public Health (Working days: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

Teaching interests

Facilitator for MDSC1102: Skills for Medical Scientists 1
Supervised Study leader for BIOL1102: Molecular Basis of Life and BIOL1101: Evolution of Biological Diversity