Mrs Kristina Walsh

Casual Academic

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Bedford Park

I am a Registered Nurse with an interest in community nursing, particularly palliative care at home. My recent clinic experience has involved caring for people with chronic and complex health conditions towards the last years of life. Within my practice I have developed a keen interest in the use of technology with patients and families in the health care environment.


1997 B.A.(Hons) Communication Studies (Sunderland University, U.K.)

2003 Adv. Dip. Nursing Studies (RN) (Northumbria University, U.K.)

2006 BSc. (Hons) Practice Development (District Nurse Specialist Practitioner, supplementary nurse prescriber) (Northumbria University, U.K.)

2018 Master of Nursing, (UniSa)