Lian Hill


College of Medicine and Public Health

place Bedford Park
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

I am a Lecturer and researcher in the Discipline of Behavioural Health, CMPH. My research interests include the feasibility and acceptability of strengths-based guided self-help, companion animals and human social support, as well as self-identity within intra/interpersonal relationships. I am a psychologist and have worked within the private, public, and government sectors. My clinical expertise is in working within a schema therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy framework, as well as emphasis on personality disordered presentations, with a focus on relational pedagogy.


Doctor of Philosophy

Masters of Psychology (Clinical)

Bachelor of Health Science (Hons)

Graduate Diploma in Psychological Science

Bachelor of Arts

Key responsibilities

Topic Coordinator for MHSC8021: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychological Disorders

Clinical Supervisor

Research Coordinator for the Discipline of Behavioural Health

Topic coordinator
MHSC8021 CBT for Psychological Disorders
Topic lecturer
MHSC8019 Fundamentals of Clinical Practice
MHSC9036 Theories of counselling & psychotherapy
MHSC8033 Clinical Placement 1
MHSC9031 Clinical Placement 2
Supervisory interests
Animal-human relations
Building resilience
Clinical psychology
Mental health
Post trauma