Associate Professor Lisa Schmidt

Academic Status

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Flinders Medical Centre (3.40)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Associate Professor Lisa Schmidt has degrees in theoretical physics, applied mathematics, biological sciences and education. Her PhD was in cancer research and while in Medical Biotechnology she worked on a number of industry-linked research projects and coordinated the degree program. While working in academic development, Lisa focused on assessment and curriculum, especially in the sciences. She has previously been part of the leadership team of the medical degree and is a former Dean (Education) for the College.

Lisa has academic status with the College and continues to research and supervise students in the area of education. Her current role is as Executive Director for Lutheran Education Australia.


BSc (Hons), BSc(Hons), GradCertEd(Higher Ed), PhD


Honours, awards and grants

2009 Faculty Executive Dean's Teaching Excellence Award

Member of Flinders' College of Distinguished Educators

Recent Grants

Lisa Schmidt, Maxine Moore, Lambert Schuwirth, Iris Lindemann, Laura Spencer, Wendy Hu, Carlos El-Haddad, Jordan Li (2016-2017) Australian Collaborative Education Network, “Putting the trust into assessing work integrated learning: Developing a process for embedding Entrustable Professional Activities as an authentic form of assessing work integrated learning”

Lisa Schmidt, Lambert Schuwirth & Maree O'Keefe (2014-16) Office for Learning & Teaching, "Better Judgement 2: improving assessors' management of factors affecting their judgement."

Dawn Bennett, Philip MacKinnon, Charlotte Brack, Phil Poronnik, Lisa Schmidt, Robin King, Sarah Richardson, Marian Thakur, Hamish Coates, Doug McCurry (2014-2015) Australian Government Office for Learning & Teaching “How universities can best support students to develop generic skills: Enacting strategies for graduate employability.”

Melissa Brown, Debbie Charter, David Bain, Lisa Schmidt (2013-2014) Flinders Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants. “Looking Back and Feeding Forward to Build Laboratory Practical Skills”.

Lisa Schmidt & Lambert Schuwirth (2012) Office for Learning & Teaching, "Better Judgement: improving assessors' management of factors affecting their judgement."

Lisa Schmidt, Ian Menz, Andrew Millington, John Roddick, Joe Shapter (2012) Flinders Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants, "Finding common ground in the Faculty of Science & Engineering: innovation in the area of internationalisation of the curriculum"

Wei Zhang, Ken Lang, Chris Franco, Lisa Schmidt, Chris Sentance, Raymond Tham, Fiona Young (2009-2011) Meat & Livestock Association of Australia, "Production of bioactives using in vitro culture of cells from organs sourced from the meat processing industry - Phase 2"

Supervisory interests
Assessment design
Curriculum in general and in higher education
International education
Teaching and learning in higher education, quality learning
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Science communication (1), Paramedic education (1)
Associate supervisor: Anti-cancer drug discovery (1)
Principal supervisor: Environmental carcinogens (1)
Associate supervisor: Anti-cancer drug discovery (1), Cancer cell biology (1), Antibiotic discovery (1)
Further information

Better Judgement

Competency-based education is becoming ever more popular, but its assessment is not easy and it is clear that human judgement will have to play a central part in all assessment programmes. Human judgement, however, can be influenced by biases. This OLT-funded project tries to address these biases in a somewhat counter-intuitive way because instead of trying to train them away we aim at improving these biases into so-called scripts or strategies to effectively and efficiently ‘diagnose’ the candidate’s competence.

Enhancing student employability

This OLT-funded project brings together resources for the development of employability in higher education. These can help prepare your students for their future work and career.