Ms Lorna Murakami-Gold

Poche Research Fellow

Poche Centre for Indigenous Health

place Centre for Remote Health, Alice Springs
PO Box 2234, Alice Springs 0871, Northern Territory

Lorna is the Poche Research Fellow for the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health in Alice Springs. Lorna has a background in health, education and training and Indigenous health research.


Bachelor of Teaching (EBTCHA), Northern Territory University, Casuarina, 1995.

Masters of Education in Adult Education (MEd) University of Technology, Sydney, NSW, 2005.

Enrolled in Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH), Flinders University, SA, 2018. Lorna’s DrPH thesis aims to explore Aboriginal patient’s perceptions of ‘wellbeing’ in collaboration with the Purple House.

Honours, awards and grants

Award - Indigenous E- Learning Champion Networks for Very Remote Community Microbusiness, School of Australian Indigenous Knowledge Systems, (SAIKS), Charles Darwin University (CDU), 2006.

Key responsibilities
  • Networking with key stakeholders to identify and collaborate on Indigenous research priorities.
  • Involvement in specific research priorities identified by Poche Centre for Indigenous Health in Alice Springs.
  • Collaborate with Poche Colleagues in the implementation of research knowledge and translation policies.
  • Involvement in the development of specific courses and assist with the delivery of specific courses that benefit Indigenous communication.
  • Team teaching and curriculum writing in the areas of cultural safety and intercultural communications.
Teaching interests
  •      Adult Education
  •      Culturally safe communication
  •      Health Literacy
  •      Mentoring 

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