Associate Professor Luke Selth

Associate Professor

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Health Sciences (3L100)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

I have been fascinated by molecular biology since first undertaking a Biotechnology degree at Flinders University. I subsequently completed a PhD at University of Adelaide and then conducted post-doctoral studies at Cancer Research UK’s London Research Institute, widely considered to be one of the premier basic cancer research institutes in the world. As a recipient of a prestigious European Molecular Biology Organization long-term fellowship, I studied epigenetic mechanisms underlying transcriptional deregulation in cancer and developed expertise in contemporary molecular, biochemical and omic techniques.

Upon returning to Adelaide in 2009, I subsequently received Young Investigator Awards from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the latter the only awarded to an Australian-based researcher (of >280 total since 2007). In 2015 I established an independent lab group at the University of Adelaide, which I transferred to Flinders University in 2019. My research is focused on two broad themes: a) elucidating the changes that occur to the androgen receptor signaling axis during prostate cancer progression, and using this information to identify novel opportunities for AR-based and AR-independent therapies; b) investigating the role of non-coding RNAs in prostate cancer metastasis and their potential as biomarkers of disease. I regularly publish my research in top-tier journals, including recent papers in Cancer Research, European Urol, Science Translational Medicine, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, EMBO Journal, Oncogene, and Nucleic Acids Research.

Supervisory interests
Breast cancer
Cancer biology
Cancer therapy
Prostate cancer

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