Associate Professor Maayken van den Berg

Associate Professor

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Tonsley (Rehab, FMC 4W138)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Associate Professor Maayken van den Berg is a Physiotherapist, Movement Scientist and holds a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences. Maayken worked at universities and health institutes in the Netherlands, UK and Spain before joining Flinders University in 2012 where she is currently the Course Coordinator for the postgraduate Clinical Rehabilitation programs and Interim Higher Degree by Research Coordinator for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Maayken’s research is interdisciplinary with a focus on allied health. She is interested in the evaluation of clinical practice and in exploring novel approaches to support rehabilitation and self-management. Areas of research include use of (semi) independent therapy programs, caregiver-led exercise programs, and complex intervention programs. She also aims to understand the way modern technology can support people undergoing rehabilitation and contribute to enhanced clinical outcomes, and has explored the use of telehealth, wearables, non-immersive and immersive virtual reality systems, and robotics. Working collaboratively with health services and industry she has developed and trialled a number of rehab applications.

Currently she has a leadership position as CI on the LSA funded EMMBIRS trial, evaluating early management of mild traumatic brain injury, with a strong focus on the use of technology solutions to support rehabilitation and self-management during admission and post-discharge.

Maayken is passionate about working with allied health clinicians, coordinates the research stream of the coursework Masters of Clinical Rehabilitation and the Master of Health and Clinical Research program. She also translates her research into teaching content for a number of elective topics for the postgraduate Clinical Rehabilitation programs.

Maayken is a member of the Flinders Digital Health Research Centre and the Caring Futures Institute.

BSc Physiotherapy
MSc Movement Sciences
PhD (School of Health Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK)
Honours, awards and grants

Successful application for travel awards, internal and external funding. Maayken has received a Paper of the Year award (Journal of Physiotherapy) and Teaching Award (CNHS).

Key responsibilities

Course Coordinator Clinical Rehabilitation

Coordination Dissertation in Clinical Research Design and Implementation

Coordination Research Methods and Design in Heath and Clinical Settings (Master of Health and Clinical Research)

Topic coordinator
REHB9034 Clinical Research Methods
HLTH9111 Research Design and Ethics in Health and Clinical Settings
REHB9000 Clinical Research Design and Implementation
REHB9010 Dissertation in Clinical Research Design and Implementation
HLTH9110 Research Methods in Health and Clinical Settings
REHB8025 Rehabilitation of Traumatic Brain Injury
REHB8031 Rehabilitation Following Spinal Cord Injury
REHB8014 Using Virtual Reality and Robotics in Neuro-Rehabilitation
REHB8042 Neurological Gait and Balance Analysis and Wearable Sensor Technology in Rehabilitation
Supervisory interests
Allied health
Brain injury
Chronic condition self-management
Digital health
Elderly people
Exercise therapy in neurological rehabilitation
Exergaming in rehabilitation
Interdisciplinary research
Physical activity
Use of technology in health care:
Virtual reality
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Traumatic Brain Injury, remote vestibular assessment and intervention (telehealth and VR) (1), Traumatic Brain Injury, remote vestibular assessment and intervention, physical exerise (clinical use Buffalo Concussion Test) (1), Traumatic Brain Injury, supporting children after parental Traumatic Brain Injury (digital toolbox) (1), Neurological assessment in physiotherapy (1), Stroke, use of Lokomat (pushing behaviour) (1), Mixed Rehab, exergames and impact on delivery of rehabilitation physiotherapy (1)
Associate supervisor: Dementia, goal setting in rehabilitation (1)
Associate supervisor: Mixed Rehab, activity monitoring, accuracy Fitbit (1), Stroke, use of Lokomat (cardiovascular exercise) (1), Telerehabilitation in frail elderly (feasibility and clinician uptake) (1)