Dr Maria Giannacopoulos

Senior Lecturer

College of Business, Government and Law

place Law & Commerce Building (3.40)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

With both a law and cultural theory background I undertake critical interdisciplinary research in the areas of sovereignty, colonialism and borders. My publications in high quality journals and edited books have been well cited and continue to make contributions to the discipline of law and the related sub-fields of critical legal studies, critical race studies and borders/migration studies.

My current research project is titled "Sovereign Debt, Austerity and the Endurance of Colonialism" and interconnects for the first time, the effaced sovereign debt crisis of Australia with the imperialising economic order in contemporary Greece. This project examines contemporary issues of global significance such as: austerity, neo-liberalism, economic development and asylum crises. I have recently published a piece on these issues in Law/Text/Culture. http://ro.uow.edu.au/ltc/vol19/iss1/9/

I have published what proved to be a controversial piece in The Conversation on the issue of recognition of Aboriginal people in the Australian Constitution.https://theconversation.com/forget-modest-change-racism-is-entrenched-in-our-constitution-42186

Also in The Conversation is a piece on the relationship between the High Court and the Executive on the issue of the securitisation of asylum.https://theconversation.com/high-court-asylum-case-pits-the-executive-against-the-judiciary-28956

BA (Hons) LLB (Hons), University of Wollongong
PhD in Cultural Studies, Macquarie University
Key responsibilities

Postgraduate Coordinator, School of Law (includes disciplines of Law, Socio-Legal Studies and Criminology)

Topic Coordinator (Contentious Justice Issues, Legal Fictions: Race, Crime and Sovereignty, Social Problems and the Law, Seminar in Justice Policy)

Research expertise
Cultural studies
Other law and legal studies
Socio-legal studies
Research interests

I am interested in supervising research that takes critical approaches to law. In particular, I am interested in the connection between law and colonialism as it persists in producing racial and economic effects globally, for example through sovereign debt crises. I am interested in the connection between law/colonialism and sovereignty more generally and the role this relation plays in shaping/ resrticting asylum and refugee rights in a global context. 

Teaching interests

Law and Colonisation; Asylum Seeker Studies; Cultural Theories of Law; Sovereignty; Law and Race; Critical Race Theory, Socio-Legal Studies

Topic coordinator
LEGL2117 Crimes Against Populations
LEGL1201 Law in Australian Society
Supervisory interests
Critical legal theory
Critical race studies
Cultural studies
Law and colonisation
Law and race
Refugee law and policy
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Socio-Legal Studies (1), Critical Legal Studies (1)
Associate supervisor: Socio-Legal Studies/Criminal Justice (1), Socio-Legal Studies/ Criminal Justice (1)
Expert for media contact
Aboriginal issues
Race relations
Austerity and Neo-Liberalism
Law and Border Control
Law and Colonialism
Sovereign Debt Crises
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+61 8 82012092
0427 398 713
Media expertise
  • Aboriginal issues
  • Immigration
  • Justice
  • Race relations
  • Austerity and Neo-Liberalism
  • Law and Border Control
  • Law and Colonialism
  • Referendums
  • Sovereign Debt Crises