Associate Professor Melanie Takarangi

Associate Professor

College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

place Social Sciences North (387)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
B.A., B.Sc (Hons)., Ph.D. (VUW, New Zealand)
Honours, awards and grants

Flinders University Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Higher Degree by Research Supervision, 2019

B. Wadham, M. Takarangi, A. Harvey and L. Andrewartha (La Trobe University), B. West (UniSA), L. Burd (University of Newcastle), M. Wyatt-Smith (Australian Student Veterans Association: “Australian universities and educational equity for student veterans” National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education Research Grant ($36,230), 2019-2020.

B. Wadham, M. Takarangi and A. Paterson: “Higher education pathways for younger veterans” Department of Veterans' Affairs' (DVA) Supporting Younger Veterans Grant ($157,000), 2019-2020.

C. Semmler (University of Adelaide), S. Banks (University of South Australia), S. Darvish (ElectroAutoMedics), M. Takarangi, R. Nixon (Flinders University), B. Pincombe, N. Gordon, D. Booth, R. Heyer, D. Yau, P. Aquilina, S. Yiu (Defence Science and Technology Group). “Human-Machine interfaces for detecting, monitoring and managing psychological stress” Defence Innovation Partnership Collaborative Research Fund ($150,000), 2019-2020.

R. Zajac, M. Garry, R. Nash and M. Takarangi: “The secret life of traumatic memories” Marsden Fund (NZ) Grant ($695,000), 2018-2020.

M. Takarangi, D. Strange and R. Nixon:“How we remember and misremember traumatic experiences.” Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP14102661 ($284,000), 2014-2016.

Key responsibilities

Higher Degree by Research Coordinator (elsewhere known as Associate Dean), College of Education, Psychology & Social Work

Topic coordinator
PSYC3236 Forensic Psychology: Legal & Clinical
Topic lecturer
PSYC3236 Forensic Psychology: Legal & Clinical
PSYC3008 Applied Cognitive Psychology
PSYC1107 Psychology of Weird and Wonderful Ideas
PSYC7006 Contemporary Issues in Psychology
PSYC7007 Applications of Psychology
Supervisory interests
Autobiographical memory
Criminal justice
Implicit cognitive processing
Memory distortion, legal implications of
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Traumatic memory
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: warnings & expectancies (1), metacognition & psychopathology (1), shared emotional experiences (1), prospective memory & psychopathology (1), emotional memory (1)
Principal supervisor: traumatic memory distortion (2), emotional memory (1)
Associate supervisor: eyewitness memory (1)