Associate Professor Michael Michael

Academic Status & Web Supervisor

Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer

place Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (4L:100)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
Supervisory interests
Altered gene expression in gastrointestinal cancers
Epigenetics and dietary regulation of gene expression
Exosome-mediated intercellular signalling
Gastrointestinal cancers, altered gene expression
MicroRNA-regulated gene expression
Higher degree by research supervision
Associate supervisor: Eye disease, gene expression (1), Epigenetics, Gene expression; Leukemia (1), Coronary bypass, kidney health, microRNAs, hypoxia (1), microRNA biosynthesis, hypoxia, cancer cell biology (1), Radiation research, cell biology (1)
Principal supervisor: Colorectal cancer, microRNAs, diet, epigenetics (1)
Associate supervisor: Upper GI cancers, microRNAs, biomarkers (1), Radiation research, DNA methylation, genomic stability (1), Retinopathy, gene expression, microRNAs, hyperoxia (1), Prostate cancer, transcriptional regulation, androgen response (1)