Associate Professor Nathan Weber

Associate Professor

College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

place Social Sciences North (380)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
B.Sc. (Hons.), Ph.D. (Flinders)
Research interests
My research is primarily focused on applied and theoretical aspects of metacognition. Theoretically oriented projects include investigations of: monitoring and control processes in recognition memory and mechanisms underlying positive versus negative recognition decisions. My applied work includes projects examining: processes and factors underlying a witness's decision to make an identification from a line-up; regulation of grain size and reporting of eyewitness testimony; and predictors (e.g., confidence and response latency) of identification accuracy.
Topic coordinator
PSYC1106 Research Methods 1
Topic lecturer
PSYC3308 Applied Cognitive Psychology
PSYC7056 Research and Practice in Psychology
Supervisory interests
Eyewitness identification
Eyewitness memory
Recognition memory
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Eyewitness memory, metacognition (1), Recognition memory, eyewitness identification (1)
Principal supervisor: Recognition memory, metacognition (1)
Associate supervisor: Autism (1), Memory in psychopathology (1), Eyewitness memory, metacognition (1), Posttraumatic stress (1), memory in psychopathology (1), Confessions (1), Eyewitness identification (1)

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