Dr Nicola Parkin


College of Medicine and Public Health

place Bedford Park (5.15)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

I work with Flinders University Rural & Remote Health on educational program evaluation and improvement initiatives. My particular focus is on the experience of learning, and the experience of teaching. Contexts for my work include interprofessional learning, workforce development, community-based learning, longitudinal placements, and academic programs across medical and allied health disciplines. My teaching activities are focused on supporting rural students' longitudinal research projects.

My own research commitment is to find meaningful ways to see, say and save the deeper existential undercurrents of learning and teaching, so that we might more purposefully and profitably bring these qualitative riches into our ordinary everyday practices.

My educative commitments have been forged through many years working in contexts of community cultural development, health promotion and adult community education programs, across local government, state government, and community sectors.


Bachelor of Adult & Vocational Education

Graduate Diploma in Community Cultural Development

Doctor of Education

Key responsibilities
  • Evaluation of the Doctor of Medicine Rural Stream (MDRS) longitudinal integrated clerkship program
  • Evaluation of the University Department of Rural Health (UDRH) allied health 'expansion project' in SA
  • Experience-led learning methodlogy for clincial learning
  • Doctor of Medicine Rural Stream Advanced Studies Portfolio Advisor
  • Doctor of Medicine Learning Coach
  • College Learning & Teaching Academy - leadership team member
Teaching interests

My teaching interests are in methodologies that support student-led and experience-led learning and enquiry.

Topic lecturer
MMED9150 Doctor of Medicine - Advanced Studies
MMED8304 Doctor of Medicine - Advanced Studies
MMED9450 Doctor of Medicine - Advanced Studies