Dr Paul Monis

Academic Status

College of Science and Engineering

place Health Sciences
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

I am part of a team of technical experts within SA Water’s Strategy, Engagement and Innovation group, providing research and scientific expertise to support the delivery of water and wastewater services to SA Water’s customers. I have a demonstrated track record in the development and delivery of research and consultancy projects and have been part of SA Water and externally led teams that have won national and international competitive grant funds. My specialist expertise is in the areas of biotechnology and microbiology, with almost 20 years’ experience applying DNA-based and other technologies to address water quality challenges posed by microorganisms, especially enteric pathogens. My research experience has largely been focussed in the area of water microbiology, including the development of rapid methods for the detection of waterborne pathogens and problem-causing microorganisms, and understanding the risk posed by pathogens such as Cryptosporidium. I provided key contributions to the laboratories at SA Water, resulting in the introduction of techniques such as fluorescent in situ hybridisation and real-time PCR and contributed to the NATA accreditation of analyses using these technologies. My research and technical expertise has been recognised by invitations to speak at national and international conferences in the areas of waterborne pathogens and biotechnology and to write journal reviews and book chapters on the application of molecular techniques for pathogen detection and identification and on the survival of Cryptosporidium in the environment and through water and wastewater treatment processes.