Associate Professor Peter Anderson

Associate Professor

College of Science and Engineering

place Biological Sciences (303B)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
B. Ag. Sci. (Honours, 1st class), 1985, University of Adelaide.
PhD, 1991, Australian National University
Honours, awards and grants

1991: CSIRO Post-doctoral Scholarship
1992: Fulbright Post-doctoral Award
2008: Australian Academy of Science travel award

Key responsibilities
Bachelor of Biotechnology (course coordinator) 2002-2009
Research Higher Degree Student coordinator (School of Biological Sciences) 2000-present
Research expertise
Agricultural biotechnology
Biochemistry and cell biology
Molecular biology
Research interests

Biochemical properties of plant disease resistance (R) proteins. Plant R proteins function to recognise invading phytopathogenic disease agents and respond by triggering a signalling pathway that leads to the activation of a resistance response, one such response being localised hypersensitive cell death. This laboratory uses the yeast, pichia pastoris, to manufacture recombinant R protein that is then purified by conventional chromatograhic techniques. The R proteins of interest are those that confer resistance in flax to the flax rust fungus via their recognition of flax rust effector proteins that are secreted into flax cells as part of the disease cycle. We are currently investigating the biochemical properties of purified flax R proteins and focusing specifically on the nucleotide binding and hydrolysis activities of the putative nucleotide binding pocket of the protein.
Other projects in the laboratory involve 1) the recombinant production and purification of aspartic proteases from Botrytis cinerea and their use in controlling haze in white wine 2) the over-expression of sucrose transporters in rice grains and the effect on proteins and micronutrient levels.

Teaching interests
Genetics, molecular biology and biotechnology
Topic coordinator
BIOL2702 Genetics, Evolution and Biodiversity
BTEC3001 Plant Science to Food Biotechnology
Topic lecturer
BIOL1102 Molecular Basis of Life
BIOL3771 DNA to Genome
BIOL2702 Genetics, Evolution and Biodiversity
BTEC3001 Plant Science to Food Biotechnology
BIOL2772 Molecular Biology
Supervisory interests
Molecular biology
Plant biology
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: epigenetics of stress tolerance in plants (1), sucrose transporters (2)
Principal supervisor: eco-physiology of salt tolerant Eucalyptus sp. (1), bacterial DNA repair pathways (1), Aspartic proteases to treat wine haze (1), plant innate immunity (6), drug resistance in parasitic nematodes (1)
Associate supervisor: bacterial DNA repair pathways (1), Alternative respiration and stress tolerance in plants (1), plant-microbe interactions (2)
Expert for media contact
Genetics/Genetic engineering
Molecular biology
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+61 8 82012092
0427 398 713
Media expertise
  • Biotechnology
  • Genetics/Genetic engineering
  • Molecular biology

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