Professor Robyn Aitken


College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Sturt North Wing (N314B)
PO Box 4066, Alice Springs 0871, Northern Territory

Robyn's role is to oversee the academic activities relating to remote and Indigenous health and to advance the incorporation of original and innovative educational strategies within entry to practice, postgraduate, continuing and vocational education programs conducted by Flinders NT. Her position is critical to the integration of the educational activities of the Remote Clinical School/Medical education and the educational activities of the Centre for Remote Health. This includes providing strategic direction to the well established interprofessional educational offerings in Central Australia across a broad range of activities and remote health professions, responding to workforce development initiatives (e.g. Nurse Practitioner developments; HWA programs), and expanding the Northern Territory medical program into Central Australia. The position also participates in collegial activities in collaboration with organisations and educational institutions outside of Flinders NT, contributing to education in national and international rural and remote settings.

Honours, awards and grants
Judith Parker prize for most meritorious PhD in 2009
Key responsibilities
Leading innovation in remote health education that is of national significance for developing, recruiting and retaining a skilled, team ready remote and Indigenous health workforce;
• Providing educational leadership for the implementation of a cohort of students studying the full four years of the NTMP/ Graduate Entry Medical Program in Central Australia;
• Provision of academic leadership within the Central Australian management team and Flinders NT leadership group;
• Deputizing for the Director, Centre for Remote Health;
• Facilitation of the integration of the educational activities of the Centre for Remote Health and the Rural Clinical School/Medical program in Central Australia;
• Promotion of interprofessional collaboration and vertical integration within educational programs preparing health professionals for practice in remote and Indigenous health;
• Implementation of academic administrative systems that promote quality teaching and learning;
• Formulating the education stream budget and monitoring expenditure in consultation with education staff and the Central Australian management team;
• Active involvement in developing and enhancing a research focus within the educational programs of Central Australia;
• Identification of and engagement with external funding opportunities and collaborative partnerships to support the expansion of Flinders NT educational programs in Central Australia;
• Development, implementation and reporting on educational activities funded through collaborative partnerships and external bodies;
• Participation in CRH, Flinders NT, School of Medicine and partner University committees and related activities to further the strategic goals of the University in rural and remote health;
• Leadership in building collegial relationships between Centre for Remote Heath/Flinders NT/School of Medicine and professional organizations, Government, industry partners, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, the national Clinical School network and University Departments of Rural Health;
Topic coordinator
REMH8007 Remote Advanced Nursing and Family Practice
REMH8015 Research and Evidence Based Decision Making
HLTH9012 Remote Nurse Practitioner 2- Chronic Disease and Ongoing conditions
REMH8018 Remote Health Management; policy and leadership
MMED8105 Health Professions and Society (NT coordinator)
MMED8205 Health Professionals and Societies 2B (NT coordinator)
MMED8204 Health Professionals and Societies 2A (NT coordinator)
REMH8016 Foundations of Remote Health Management: People, Planning and Money

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