Dr Sam Arman

Research Associate in Palaeontology

College of Science and Engineering

place Biological Sciences
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Sam's academic career began studying undergraduate arts and science at Flinders, with a brief sojourn into GIS at TAFE. Undertaking honours in 2010-2011, he looked at scratch marks in Tight Entrance Cave, WA, concluding them to likely be formed by Thylacoleo the 'marsupial lion' and Sarcophilus the 'tasmanian devil'. Beginning a PhD in August 2011, he is currently looking at microwear dietary analysis of kangaroos and what it can tell us about niche partitioning and diet in South Australian Pleistocene ecosystems. He is the proud father of two chickens, plays drums and ultimate frisbee badly and is looking forward to becoming a better speller.

Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and English major)
Bachelor of Science (Ecology, Behavior and Evolution major)
Vocational Graduate Diploma in Spatial Information Systems
Bachelor of Science (Honours) H1A
Honours, awards and grants
2006 Ecobusiness Consultants Nonfiction Prize
2008 Chancellors Commendation for academic performance
2011 Chancellors Commendation for academic performance
2011 University Medal

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