Dr Tom Young

Senior Lecturer

College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

place Social Sciences North (SSN-308)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

I am an experienced Screen Production lecturer, a filmmaker, and a business owner. Through my broad industry experience, I know that it is not enough anymore to only do one thing, so I don’t just teach filmmaking, I endeavour to inspire students to start businesses, create their own opportunities, promote achievement, give back, mentor others, and enjoy the journey.

Honours, awards and grants

Most recently my efforts have been recognised with the Flinders University Vice-Chancellor’s Innovation in Teaching Award for a pioneering long format Screen Production honours program, redesigned and informed by my creative PhD (https://youtu.be/cGEMBwGzr5o). In the newly refocused and enhanced honours program, topics are scaffolded and progress towards a completed feature film or TV pilot. Producing long format films within the tertiary environment is rare, and internationally, is unheard of at the honours level. Growing directly from my research interest this is a major innovation in the teaching program, which is attracting honours students and developing highly capable graduates.

Key responsibilities

The nexus between creating and teaching screen production is absolutely invigorating. I have a passion for teaching students, and it is fulfilling to help them grow and then watch as they achieve success in the filmmaking world.

Teaching interests

Every day I bring together industry and education, the long running and highly successful Community Voices Program being a prime example (https://youtu.be/tCjLdOitGlE). In this Program students collaborate with not-for-profit organisations to produce online video ads and short documentaries that promote, celebrate and recruit volunteers in South Australia. Since commencement more than 250 students have participated in the program, producing over 125 videos.

Topic coordinator
SCME3070 Online Video Ads
SCME2070 Documentary Production
SCME2060 Documentary Production
SCME2072 Drama Production
CREA7002 Professional Practice for the Creative Arts
CREA3103 Applied Creative Practice
SCME3072 16mm Filmmaking
CREA3004 Creative Ventures
Topic lecturer
SCME1072 Screen Production Techniques 3
Expert for media contact
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+61 8 82012092
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Media expertise
  • Film
Further information

Making a Feature Film in 100 Days (in Development - end 2023)

From script to screen, and everything in between documented on YouTube.

Project Summary:

  •    Over 100 days filmmaker and university lecturer Tom Young will work in collaboration with local Adelaide filmmakers and creatives to produce a feature film.
  •    The entire production process will be undertaken within this time, from script to screen, including pre-production, filming, and post.
  •    On day 100 the film will simultaneously premiere in Adelaide and online to a worldwide audience.
  •    The creative process will be documented live on YouTube, with regular videos to be filmed and released over the 100 day period. These videos will inform, educate, and entertain the audience, by breaking down the filmmaking process and providing a step-by-step guide to follow.
  •    A temporary studio will be set up to record/livestream and interact with the online audience while working in the production office and edit suite.
  •    While on location a documentary film crew will capture behind the scenes footage and interviews with cast and crew.
  •    The aim is to attract and build an international online following who are interested in filmmaking, the creative process, film education and micro budget feature films.
  •    To watch the film on day 100 you only need to subscribe (free) to the YouTube channel.