Dr Tiffany Winn

Casual Academic - Portfolio

Office of Indigenous Strategy and Engagement

place Yunggorendi Mande
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Tiffany Winn has worked as a Lecturer in the Student Learning Centre for over five years. Her lecturing responsibilities have included lecturing in an elementary mathematics topic and an information technology topic for the School of Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. In addition, she teaches numeracy skills as required in various faculties, including Nursing and Social Sciences, and has considerable experience providing assistance in the area of academic literacy. With respect to research, Tiffany has published several papers in the area of mathematics teaching and learning, focusing on teaching mathematics through patterns, on identifying well-designed software for mathematics teaching, and on the use of metaphors in teaching mathematics. She also has a research interest in reading difficulties and recently completed a study involving the use of computer software to improve reading skills children with reading difficulties. A research area she would like to explore in future is the use of neurofeedback techniques to improve reading ability in children who are dyslexic or have other reading difficulties.


Tiffany's qualifications include a science degree with a mathematics minor, and a PhD in computer science. She is fluent in French.