Dr Valarie Sands

Casual Academic

College of Business, Government and Law

place Festival Tower
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

PhD (Public Law and Public Administration) (2014), Faculty of Law, Monash University, Australia

Masters (Public Policy and Management) (2000), Monash Mt Eliza Business School, Australia

Graduate Diploma (Counselling and Organisational Psychology) (1987), Monash University, Australia

Graduate Certificate (Sustainable Community Development) (2015), Colorado State University, United States

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Sociology and Statistics) (1984), Faculty of Arts, Monash University, Australia

Teaching interests

Public Policy and Management program in the College of Business, Government and Law

  1. Public Management;
  2. Public Policy;
  3. Policy Analysis;
  4. Professional Ethics in Public Administration;
  5. Security in the International System;
  6. Research Design;
  7. Research Thesis;
  8. Research Project;
  9. Environmental Policy & Governance;
  10. Public Financial Management,
  11. Contemporary Public Policy,
  12. Governance and Public Policy;
  13. Governance in a Global World; and
  14. Economics of Public Policy
  15. Internship
  16. Quantitative and Qualitative Research
Topic coordinator
GOVT9003 Security in the International System