Associate Professor Yvonne Parry

Associate Professor in Nursing

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Sturt South (N323)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Since 2000 Associate Professor Yvonne Parry's applied science research projects, interdisciplinary student placement opportunities, and research evaluating community child programs and models of care has provided extended health access, advanced referral processes and industry collaborations that bridge the early education and health divide. Addressing the health and developmental needs of the children participating in the projects testing extended community-based models of interdisciplinary care. The model provides early recognition and extend support for child assessed as requiring additional care.

Dr Parry’s work exists at the important intersection between nursing, primary health, public health, and community health services for vulnerable children and populations. Yvonne was recognised nationally by the National Association for Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect in 2017, ‘NAPCAN: Play Your Part Awards.’ The national awards committee stated “The research and evidence-informed aspect was recognised as a strength of the initiative, as well as the multi-faceted “child aware” interventions that are provided. We also recognised the aim to sustain and scale-up the initiative.” This national award acknowledges her research, research informed education, and Child Aware Focus in her work in the tertiary sector, and the broader community.

Her work with UCL, NGOs, not-for-profits, and various awards recognise her efforts to improve service delivery to children and families. She has provided research outcomes that have influenced public policy nationally and internationally on the health and care of children. Yvonne's research is underpinned by the principles of social justice, child centred practice, and social equity of health access for vulnerable children. Recently her research findings informed the Welsh Parliament, UK government’s All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness and the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.


2012 PhD,
2010 Graduate Certificate in Education (Higher Education),
2006 Masters of Health Services Management,
1999 Bachelor of Arts (Double Majors: Psychology & Public Policy),
1987 Registered Nurse Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Honours, awards and grants


2019 Inaugural editor of the Journal of Child and Youth Health, ACCYPN.

2017 NAPCAN: Child abuse and neglect intiatives protecting children.

GRANTS (selected):

2021 Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation: Linking homeless children and their families to community health and wellbeing services: Using a Nurse Practitioner model of care to improve child health outcomes. (Phases 1 to 4) Parry YK., Willis, E., Kendall, S., Marriott R., and Sivertsen N. ($90,713)

2020 Caring Futures Institute, Enhancing lifelong development and the Health and Wellbeing of marginalised children 0-18 years (Pilot 1). Parry YK., Willis, E., Kendall, S., Marriott R., and Sivertsen N. ($3,931).

Community Partnership funding with Uniting Care Wesley Bowden, Inner Southern Homelessness Services, Enhancing lifelong development and the Health and Wellbeing of marginalised children 0-18 years (Phase 2) Parry YK., Willis, E., Kendall, S., Marriott R., and Button D.

2017-2018 The use of Community for Children (CfC) Facilitating Partners and their impact on service delivery and collaborative community service delivery (PARRY YK $60,000)

2016-18 Domestic Violence against older women: Developing networks to improve service provision DSS grant (Zannentino, Fuller & Parry) ($147,000).

2014-16 Department of Education and Child Development. "Developing a Common Language for Professionals working in the Early Years". ($30, 000).

2014-16 Office of Teaching and Learning "Developing a national interdisciplinary educational framework for professionals working with children in the early years" ($223, 000).

2012 Flinders University, Faculty of Medicine Nursing & Health Sciences, Establishment Grant. "The in-service educational needs of front line homelessness service staff in a Generic Homelessness Service to deliver Child Aware Practice in accordance with the 'no wrong door' policy". ($9, 207).

Key responsibilities
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Curriculum Development
  • Topic Coordination
  • Oceania Global Regional Council for nursing
  • Chair of the Australian College of Children and Young Peoples Nurses Credentialing Committee
Topic coordinator
WELF4030 Child Centred Practice
HLTH2105 Health a Psychological Perspective
NURS8825 Working with Vulnerable Families
NURS9027 Diagnostics for Advanced Practice
NURS9614C Research Project
NURS9614D Research Project
NURS9614E Research Project
NURS9614F Research Project
NURS9218 Approaches to Research Designs
Topic lecturer
NURS1003 Psychosocial Perspectives of Health Care
DSRS9068 Applied Counselling in Rehabilitation/Counselling: Practical Applications
NURS8822 Primary Health Care for Child and Family Health Nursing
HLTH1305 Australian Healthcare System(s): Concepts and Controversies
Supervisory interests
Child and adolescent health
Child and family health nursing/care of children
Health access
Health service, public policy, equity and access
Parenting, vulnerable populations
Social determinants of health (SDH)
Vulnerable groups
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: The Impact of NGO interventions on outcomes for Street Children in Cambodia (1), Registered Nurses and the use of Community based nursing in Advanced Care Directives in Japan (-1), Speech Pathology: The speech pathology needs of disadvantaged children (1), How can incorporating intersectional approaches to Domestic family Violence (DFV) responses within the South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) improve accessibility and inclusiveness for women with disability (WWD) and older women (OW) who are experiencing, or at risk of, DFV? (1), Chinese Australians and the meanings of family relationships (1), Registered Nurses and the reporting of drug errors in Kuwait (1), Vulnerable Children in Bangladesh (1)
Associate supervisor: Teenage Pregnancy (1), Cultural Issues and Undergraduate Learning (1)
Principal supervisor: Iranian mothers of children with cancer and the impacts of hope (1), The extent of Child Centred Practice principles in a homelessness service in South Australia (1), The Development of ‘Babyicare’ app for new parents (1), The impact of Psoriasis on the Quality of Life of Vietnamese Patients (1), The knowledge of Nepalese Nurses in the use of Zinc for treating Dehydration in Children (1)
Associate supervisor: A Qualitative Investigation of the Roles of Aboriginal Health Workers in supporting Aboriginal people living with Diabetes in a rural town in South Australia (1), Stress in graduate registered nurses undertaking a Transition to Professional Practice Program in an Australian public hospital setting (1), The Effects of Prenatal Scheme on Perceived Self-efficacy of Health Behaviours and Outcomes of Pregnancy in Unplanned Adolescent Pregnancy (1)
Higher degree by research student achievements
Tien Dung Pham - MAR 2017

Expert for media contact
Child abuse
Child/Youth health
Community/Public health
Childhood trauma
Children in homeless families
children's access to health and welfare services
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Media expertise
  • Child abuse
  • Child/Youth health
  • Community/Public health
  • Childhood trauma
  • Children in homeless families
  • children's access to health and welfare services
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PhD, Masters of Health Services Management, GradCertEdu (Higher Education), BA (Double Majors: Psychology & Public Policy), RN.

Twitter: @ParryYvonne

ORCID: 0000-0001-8030-2671s:// 0000-0001-8030-2671