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Professor Don DeBats – Jeff Bleich Centre Director 

Professor Don DeBats is Professor, International Relations and Political Science and the Director of the JBC at Flinders; he is a Visiting Research Professor at the University of Virginia and a Resident Fellow at Virginia Humanities. He is joint CI on defence contracts, providing leadership on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies and network methodologies and analysis.  His research interests are comparative Australian-Canadian-US politics and political history, US foreign policy, democracy and governance. His historical research is supported by major grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities Collaborative Research Program and explores earlier challenges to democratic norms. His most recent publications demonstrate the operational independence of social and spatial networks.

Jeff Bleich Centre for the US Alliance in Digital Technology, Security & Governance

Named in honour of Ambassador and Special Counsel to President Barack Obama, the Jeff Bleich Centre for the US Alliance I Digital Technology, Security and Governance is a research centre focusing on the three key areas of digital technology, security, and governance.

Washington Internship Program

Since 2000, Flinders has sent over 120 students on a unique program which provides a placement in the US Congress.