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College of Science and Engineering

place Biological Sciences (4.44)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Some direct ancestors of mine who came to Australia: 2nd-ggf/m=2nd great-grandfather/mother:
Thomas Walker 4th-ggf, (arrived as freeman on the Active 1791);

Mary Loveridge 5th-ggm (from Berkshire, 1792 Royal Admiral); According to the Oxford Journal of 7th January 1792 (got this from Helen Auld of Kensington Park, SA), the Rev Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University remanded her and 3 relatives "of the Gypsey nation" to the higher Assizes in Reading or Abingdon, Berkshire, whence she went on the trip to Australia with her sister Priscilla. On board they had two daughters. Their cell-mate on the Royal Admiral was Mary Reibey, a likeness of whom is to be found on the current Australia $20 note. For Westpac fans, she owned the first premises of the Bank of NSW.

James Clissold 4th-ggf, (marine on first ship HMS Calcutta 1803 to Port Phillip Bay, now Melbourne); One of the first games of cricket in Australia is purported to have been between the men on this war ship of the Royal Navy, berthed in Sydney.

Mary Carn-Davies 4th-ggm, (Welsh convict, Experiment 1804), married to Clissold on the banks of the Derwent in Hobart Town 1807;
Charlotte Loveridge 4th-ggm, (born on Royal Admiral off Senegal 1792, daughter of Mary);
Robert Grant-Ferguson 2nd-ggf, (convict from Edinburgh, Mellish 1828);
George Reid 3rd-ggf, (Fusilier 21st Regiment, Sydney Cove 1833, Perth 1835);
Sarah Lynam 2nd-ggm, (maid to High Sheriff of NSW, from Cork Ireland, James Pattison 1838);
Archibald Smith 1st-ggf, (minister from Paisley, Eleutheria 1844);
Harold Glynn 1st-ggf, (accountant Liverpool, Gulf of St Vincent 1884).
Senegal, Berkshire, (Royal Admiral), Windsor, ship's log, HMS Calcutta, interestingdetails, Port Phillip Bay, Van Diemen's Land, entering Sydney, Goderich Lodge

B.Sc., B.Sc.(Hons.), Ph.D. (University of Adelaide, 1980)
Honours, awards and grants

Marsden Fund Grant (Royal Society of NZ) in Quantum Codes 2001
Foundation Fellow of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, 1990
QEII Fellow, Adelaide, 1984
Consiglio Nazionale della Ricerca Fellow, Firenze, Italy 1980
Von Humboldt Fellow, Erlangen, West Germany, 1979

Research expertise
Communications technologies
Computation theory and mathematics
History and philosophy of specific fields
Mathematics sciences
Numerical and computational mathematics
Quantum physics
Research interests

Foundations of Geometry, Finite Geometry, Combinatorics, Invariant Theory (Hyperdeterminants, Determinant-like functions),Coding Theory, Quantum Codes.Glynn's 1983 Adelaide conference paper "Two new sequences of ovals in finite Desarguesian planes of even order" has many citations on Google Scholar. It contains the first new monomial (hyper)ovals after those of the Italian geometer Beniamino Segre. These ovals produce nice types of MDS error-correcting codes, which are used e.g. in CD's, DVD's, space communications, and QR (quick-response) codes. He has over 850 citations on GoogleScholar. On 16 October 2012 Glynn gave a talk at the University of Ghent, RUG, Belgium, on "New Methods in Geometry, Combinatorics and Algebra". He also gave a talk on "Hamilton Cycles of Cubic Graphs" at the International Graph Theory Workshop at CSEM, Flinders, Dec. 14-15, 2012. There is a summary of talks with some copies of the slides at 20 Talk Summaries. For those who register (for free) at ResearchGate there is a list of Glynn's work and downloads at ResearchGate. Glynn's latest work is on the emergence of geometry in physics; see Cosmology = Topology/Geometry: Mathematical Evidence for the Holographic Principle, coauthored with Prof. Adel Alahmadi of KAU, Saudi Arabia, published 2016 by the Royal Society of Tasmania. Another popular paper by Glynn is the "The permanent of a square matrix" (2010), which has been number one in the top downloads list for European Journal of Combinatorics, an Elsevier journal, for most of 2016-present.

Teaching interests
Geometry, Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics, Linear and Non-Linear Algebra, Group Theory and Fields, Coding Theory, History of Mathematics
Expert for media contact
geometry, codes, algebra
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Media expertise
  • Mathematics
  • geometry, codes, algebra
Further information

Assessor for the Australian Research Council (ARC) as an "expert of International standing", and also expert referee for the European Commission FP7 and H2020, in the Mathematics, Engineering, Physics and IT areas. (The budget for H2020 is about $A 150 billion over 6-7 years. The annual ARC budget is a bit less than $A 1 billion.) Distinguished Adjunct Professor at KAU in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.Citations on Google Scholar

My great^5 grandmother Mary Loveridge (The Red Lion formerly Green Dragon, George St, Windsor, NSW, next to what is now the oldest running pub in Australia) had many Dargin sons and daughters, many of whom were also publicans: John (Coach and Arms 1832 later Melbourne Hotel, yearly license tax 25 pounds), now the Post Office, Kelso, near Bathurst 200 km west of Sydney, the oldest pub west of the Great Divide), William (The Bee Hive, York St, The Crown, The Emu, The Bulls Head, The New Inn, George St, Sydney), James (The Highland Laddie, Bathurst, The Irish Arms, Sydney Rd, Parramatta), Sophia (Coach and Arms, Kelso, yearly tax in 1854 for a license was 50 pounds with two people giving surities of 50 pound each).

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