Professor Gunther Andersson


College of Science and Engineering

place Physical Sciences Building (2111)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
Key responsibilities
Chair of the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences Higher Research Degree Committee
Research expertise
Condensed matter physics
Physical chemistry
Surface science
Research interests

The research in my lab focuses on the molecular structure of soft matter surfaces (liquid and polymer surfaces) and interfaces. We use the surface science techniques ion scattering spectroscopy and electron spectroscopy. In the past it turned out to be very useful to combine the information gained with surface science techniques with macroscopic quantities to derive thermodynamic quantities of solutions.

We have projects in the research fields of colloids, liquid surfaces, interfaces in organic solar cells, modifications of polymer surfaces and heterogeneous catalysis with size selected nanoclusters.  We are part of Flinders Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology and have various collaborations with research groups in Australia and overseas and uses larger research facilities like the Australian Synchrotron and high energy ion scattering techniques at ANSTO.

Topic coordinator
PHYS4721 Advanced Physics (Space and Surface Science)
PHYS1102 Physics 1B
PHYS1332 Engineering Physics
PHYS2712 Thermodynamics and Electromagnetic Waves
Topic lecturer
PHYS1102 Physics 1B
NANO3702 Frontiers of Nanotechnology
PHYS2712 Thermodynamics and Electromagnetic Waves
PHYS4711 Advanced Physics (Quantum Theory)
PHYS1101 Physics 1A
Supervisory interests
Heterogeneous catalysis
Liquid surfaces
Polymer surfaces
Solar cells
Solar fuels
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: photocatalysis, solar fuels, metal clusters on surfaces (2), graphene and carbon nanotubes (1), interfaces in polymer based photovoltaic (2), interfaces in organic based photovoltaic (1)
Associate supervisor: graphene and carbon nanotubes (1), corrosion protection, silanes on surfaces (1)
Principal supervisor: liquid surfaces, foam films (1)
Associate supervisor: interfaces in polymer based photovoltaic (1)
Higher degree by research student achievements
Lily Ellis-Gibbings

University Medal - DEC 2010