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PhD and Honours opportunities

Fine tune your research, in any area you're interested in with a PhD or Honours degree at Flinders… study what you're interested in, or explore amazing opportunities such as:

PhD projects that explore subjects as diverse as gender equality, new media and technology, contemporary screen culture, motion capture, global culture, colonial history and more.

Honours research projects across a wide range of interests, including festivals and the human experience, German imperialism or the culture of food in space. Some Honours projects include paid bursary opportunities up to $5,000.00 each.

Find out more about your research possibilities, and study with us.


Centre for Creative Arts

Assemblage is Flinders University’s research centre for artistic enquiry and art creation.

It is the meeting point of art and science, health, technology, engineering, industry and community. We embrace new technologies and ambitious collaborations to dissolve perceived barriers between artforms, disciplines and areas of research to uncover boundless possibilities.