Policy Redesign Project

All policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of this project. This document is pending review, but remains in effect until the review is carried out.


Establishment:Council, 21 August 2006 
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Director, Human Resources


A13.1 [Supervisor training] A staff member who is appointed to a position with supervisory responsibilities will be required to undertake appropriate training unless agreed otherwise on the basis that the staff member demonstrates evidence of recent equivalent training/experience. 

A13.2 [Academic staff] The supervisor of an academic staff member will normally be the Dean or Deputy Dean of the School in which the staff member is employed. An academic staff member may request the nomination of an alternative supervisor.  

Policy and Procedures 

1.  Written advice  

A staff member will be advised in writing of the name and position of her/his designated supervisor.


2.  Academic staff only

2.1  Standard supervisory relationships

Category Supervisor 
Academic staff Dean or Deputy Dean of School 
Dean/Deputy Dean of School Executive Dean 
Executive Dean Vice-Chancellor 

Notwithstanding, the Vice-Chancellor may delegate in writing another academic staff member classified at Level C or above to be supervisor of one or more academic staff or group of academic staff. 

2.2  Academic supervisor responsibilities

Supervisors will provide academic and administrative leadership and are responsible for monitoring the performance of academics and for providing assistance to academics whose performance is assessed as requiring improvement.

2.3  Meeting with new staff member

A supervisor will meet with a new staff member appointed to a new convertible or continuing position within the first month of the staff member taking up the appointment to discuss the University's requirements, expectations and processes with respect to the Academic Staff Performance Review Scheme.