Choose a major in History

History in the making

By studying History at Flinders you’ll gain a strong understanding of the big issues that underpin society now and throughout the ages. History deals with important topics ranging from global migration, the population explosion, famine, technological change and human impact on the environment. It explores the explosive consequences of nationalism, war and society, the rise and fall of empires, revolution, decolonisation, democracy, fascism and communism. Our team of highly-regarded academic historians teach subjects covering many centuries, from early modern times to World War 2, Nazi Germany and more – with a focus on the fields of Australian, European, American and International history.

You’ll learn to investigate and analyse evidence, think critically and communicate your findings effectively. Building a knowledge base from over 40 different topics over the three-year Bachelor of Arts degree, you’ll find career opportunities across a broad scope of fields, including teaching, government, tourism, publishing, museums, libraries and arts organisations.

History topics are offered across three specialisations each semester. Those specialisations are Australian History, European History and World History. You can choose from a wide range of exciting topics at first, second and third year levels in each of these streams to pursue your educational and professional interests. For those enrolled in Education,these streams investigate historical periods and areas covered in the Australian curriculum.