Study a Master of Information Technology

Operate the systems that drive innovation and industry. Extend your knowledge and skills in this dramatically changing area, learn how to design, develop and manage enterprise information systems.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL), get career-ready with real life practical experience

Our Work Integrated Learning will improve your employability by giving you valuable practical experience in a workplace setting, directly related to the degree you’re studying.

You’ll work with industry and government at a national and international level to improve technology outcomes. 

WIL can be in the form of a 12 week work placement such as; internships, field education, vocational and professional practice, including projects with industry and community organisations such as – BADGE Constructions, Chamonix, Department of Education, goAct, Micro-X, NovitaSAGE Automation, AZZO, OneWorld LED, PickStar, TAPTU, Voxon Photonics, Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure, Thales Group.


New for 2020

Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

Gain the in-demand skills to use and build systems that can analyse data and make intelligent decisions.

Study a Bachelor of Information Technology in Game Development

Develop the skills required to produce complex interactive systems used in games design, preparing you to work in the gaming, training/education, entertainment gaming and defence industries.


Build the systems that help secure the future.

From electronic communications to artificial intelligence, sensor networking and media, work towards a world-class career designing and implementing secure local and internet-wide communications systems.

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