Flinders Chronic Condition Management (CCM) Program

The two-day workshop introduces the Flinders Program in chronic condition management and self-management (CCM). The workshop provides an opportunity for supported practice of the assessment and care planning processes with a volunteer. Workshops are offered at regular intervals in Adelaide, South Australia and elsewhere by negotiation.

A Certificate of Completion in the Flinders Chronic Condition Management Program (CCM) is available to participants who complete all workshop activities. The optional completion of additional post workshop activities can lead to a Certificate of Competence in the Flinders Program Chronic Condition Management Program.

Completion of this workshop attracts credit in the Flinders University Chronic Condition postgraduate programs.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Flinders Program

FHBHRU has developed a structured process and set of tools that enables clinicians to assess chronic condition management behaviours and allows for collaborative identification of problems and goal setting, leading to the development of individual care plans.  These care plans are the cornerstones in enhancing chronic condition management for people with chronic conditions,

The tools include:
  • Partners in Health Scale
  • Cue and Response Interview
  • Problems and Goals assessment

Why Chronic Condition Management?

It is internationally recognised that the disease burden is shifting rapidly from acute to chronic conditions, with health care services changing in response to this challenge. Chronic Condition Management (CCM) is widely recognised as a key strategy to be included in quality health care practice. The Flinders CCM Program is an approach which can be used across a wide range of chronic conditions. It enables the clinician to develop skills in:

  • collaborative problem definition
  • goal setting
  • planning
  • motivational techniques and
  • outcome measurement

How is the program delivered

We offer you the choice of completing a two day workshop or the on-line course. Both options are designed to enable participants to:

  • understand a structural framework for better chronic condition management
  • understand the theory and evidence for chronic condition management
  • develop understanding and skills in the use of the Flinders Program and
  • gain a Certificate of Completion or Competence – Flinders Program
  • GPs can also earn CPD points for attending the Certificate of Competence Workshop

For GPs, this activity has been approved by the RACGP QA&CPD Program for 40 Category 1 points and by ACRRM for 30 PRPD points.

Aim of the Flinders Program

The aim of the program is to provide a consistent, reproducible approach to assessing the key components of chronic condition management that:

  • improve the partnership between the client and health professional(s)
  • collaboratively identifies problems and therefore better (i.e. more successfully) targets interventions
  • is a motivational process for the client and leads to sustained behaviour change
  • allows measurement over time and tracks change
  • has a predictive ability. i.e. improvements in chronic condition management behaviour as measured by the PIH scale, relate to improved health outcomes.

Who can benefit from CCM training?

The CCM Program has been developed for clinicians, such as Doctors, Nurses, Allied health professionals, physios, podiatrist, occupational therapists, dieticians, or others working with people who have a range of chronic conditions.

Do participants find the workshop useful? - Worth the time?

The most common responses by health professionals are that the Flinders Program adds structure to how they are already working with their clients with chronic disease and that it encourages the client to have ownership of the management process and their care plan.

  • "made me focus on the client and goal setting that led to achievable outcomes" (nurse)
  • "relatively quick and simple system for care planning" (GP)
  • "the process has changed my focus to what I don't know about the patient rather than what I think I know." (GP)
  • "my care plan is like a pathway out of the forest" (client)
  • "it's pretty in-your-face in that it challenges your own current practice. Such challenges are essential in health care" (health worker)

This workshop is an exciting and innovative approach that enables health care professionals to better support people with chronic illnesses. It will enable health care professionals to empower their clients to be become active partners in their care and more effective managers.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Monday 30 – Tuesday 31 March 2020
  • Monday 24 – Tuesday 25 August 2020


2 days


$ 800 + gst *

CPD Points


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