Point-of-Care Testing Devices and Technology

Collectively the Centre has published more scientific evaluations of new POCT devices than any other laboratory or specialist POCT service provider in Australia over the past 15 years.


We have expertise in:

  • POCT device selection
  • measures of analytical quality for POCT devices
  • optimising quality management procedures to ensure patient safety
  • analysis of evidence-based outcomes for POCT
  • development of software solutions for the electronic capture of POCT results (connectivity).

Checklist for selecting a suitable POCT device

  1. What devices are currently available for measuring the test(s) my service wants?
    • What does the literature say?
    • What do scientific or medical colleagues who have experience with these devices say?
    • What do the device manufacturers say (be a little wary of ‘our device is the best’)?
  2. Assess the costs versus benefits of introducing the device (and consumables) into your service.
  3. Work with your local laboratory or specialist POCT provider to assess the performance of your device.
    • Compare patient test results from your POCT device with those from the laboratory.
    • Is the performance of your POCT good enough for patient care?
  4. Consider the impact of POCT on workflow and infrastructure within your service (e.g. bench space, power, fridge capacity for storing consumables, user friendliness).

Evaluated Devices

Refer to the table on this page. For more information please go to our publications page.

YearTest DevicePublished / Presented
2014White Blood Cell and Differential CounterHemoCueYes
2013Blood LipidsAbaxis Piccolo XpressNo
2013HbA1cSiemens DCA VantageYes
2013Chlamydia and gonorrhoeaCepheid GeneXpertYes
2010 / 2012Whole blood creatinineNova Biomedical StatSensorYes
2008HbA1cPoint-of-Care Diagnostics AfinionNo
2008Whole blood creatinineAbbott i-STATYes
2007Blood LipidsPoint-of-Care Diagnostics CardioCheckYes
2006HbA 1cBioRad MicromatYes
2005C-reactive proteinOrionNo
2005Blood GlucoseHemocueNo
2005HbA1c Siemens DCA 2000Yes
2004Urine albuminHemoCueNo
2002Blood LipidsPoint-of-Care Diagnostics Cholestech LDXYes
2000 / 2001Blood creatinineAbbott i-STATYes
1999Urine Albumin:Creatinine Ratio Siemens DCA 2000 (for urine ACR)Yes