NT POCT Program

NT Program

NT Program

NT Program

What is the NT POCT Program?

This well-established field program manages point-of-care testing on the Abbott i-STAT device for the care of patients with both acute and chronic diseases across a network of almost 80 remote health centres in the Northern Territory. It is delivered through a formal partnership between the Northern Territory Department of Health and our Centre.

The Abbott i-STAT measures multiple pathology test profiles including blood electrolytes, urea, creatinine, glucose, blood gases and lactate, cardiac troponin I and INR.

Research Outcomes

The program has proven to be operationally effective with the annual number of patient tests conducted increasing ten-fold since it began in 2008 and a high stakeholder acceptance.

It is also clinically effective, improving clinical outcomes for cardiac and acutely traumatised patients in particular.

There have been multiple cases of saved medical evacuations as a result of the ability to conduct on-site point-of-care testing to evaluate the immediate clinical status of patients (with resultant cost savings to the Northern Territory Government).