Other Research Collaborations

The Point of Care KEY Program
Point of Care Mallee Track Program
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Pictured are some of our other research collaborations, clockwise from left: The Kidney Evaluation for You (KEY) Program; Diabetes Management Along the Mallee Track Community Nurse Glennis Barnes with Lara Motta at Ouyen, Victoria; and one of the sites participating in the i-STAT Training and Management Program.


List of Collaborations

ModelTimeframeDiseaseFocusPOC TestsHealth SettingRegion
Pakistan Anaemia2014-2016 (and ongoing)Iron Deficiency AnaemiaDetection and ManagementHaemoglobinRemote Mountain Village near IslamabadInternational
Diabetes Management Along the Mallee Track2003-2013 (and ongoing)DiabetesPrevention & ManagementHbA1c; UACR lipids; glucose; liver enzymesRural Country Hospital and General PracticeVictoria